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Betty Sounds Are Speeded Up

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Hi..I hope no one has already posted ..But now that i've updated to next patch1.1 my PULLup and over gee..is sped up  sounds like a rabid Chipmunk.

I don't know if they have incorporated some of the new sounds in NATO jets which have childrens' (!) voices (apparently test show that fighter pilots respond better to them) or something but it sure sounds weird.


i was very happy to see the AOA limiter sounds, although they still have some way to go with the US a/c sounds. That general warning beep-beep-beep that all a/c (NATO+OPFOR) have in LOMAC is annoying as hell!

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After listening again to the sounds. At least the Maximum AOA sound, its not that its speeded up, but that's its not the actual sound. The real sound has pauses between the beeps and goes like this.




LOMAC goes like this:



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