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The Ace of Aces mission - SF2 Israel

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The Ace of Aces mission - SF2 Israel

Historical missions for SF2 Israel:

(Updated from WOI mission)


The Ace of Aces


First fighter squadron 101 Neshers vs. Egyptian Mig-21.



Colonel Giora Epstein is a retired colonel in the Israeli Air Force (IAF) believed to have shot down more jet aircraft than any other pilot. Epstein was credited with 17 kills, all against Egyptian aircraft. With seventeen confirmed kills, Giora Epstein remains the world's top scoring jet fighter pilot making him the "ace of all aces".


During Yom Kippur War, October 20, 1973; already a double Ace with 10 kills, Giora Epstein maneuvers his 101 Squadron Nesher after a decoy of 2 Mig-21 Egyptian aircrafts. On the deck are 16 Mig-21 Egyptian aircrafts waiting in a perfect ambush. After 3 of the Neshers returned to base, Epstein fought alone against 11 Migs. The results of the battle were: 4 Migs-21 downed by the Israeli Ace.


The full story of this battle is in the Giora Epstein Story.txt file.



To install:



Copy the msm files into the mission folder of SF2 Israel.


You can play Giora Epstein's mission either in normal or hard difficulty. The hard mission is very challenging.

You can also play the 'crazy mig' pilot role. Remember if you are playing the Egyptian pilot, don’t engage the Neshers on sight, lure them into the waiting ambush first.


I invite everybody who plays the mission to post (in the announcements topic), how many Mig's kill you've got in normal/hard mission.



For suggestions or remarks just send me a massage.








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