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Fred Reed's Latest Column. A Good One!

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Ahh, perfect. One of my teachers has opened up a board for students to put opinions on. I think I'll start off with this one :)

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Chief, I love it! These reasons this man spoke of are a BIG part of why I wave and wear a confederate flag. Its funny, but many in our generation remember what it was like to be truely free, to be able to make your own choices and decisions without some official somewhere saying no. You cant pick your nose in the privacy of your own home without someone whining its bad for the kids or whatever. I hate to say it, but this kind of goverment intrusion is why our founding dathers in the revolutionary period went to war. Its why the south took up arms. Sadly, our people have become so used to others thinking for them and so used to whining and complaining over piddly crap, they will likely never have the backbone to stand up for their freedom again.


Freedom isnt just about voting people. Freedom is the thinking man's perogative and responsibility. Its freedom of choice and expression. If you dont like what someones saying, then dont listen or by God, get up on a soapbox and say why theyre wrong. But dont EVER tell them they cant say it, THATS un-American! Instead of having another 1000 laws go into effect every damn year in California, how about enfocing those already on the books? How about employing the golden rule and some common sense? I aint so worried about those al-queda idiots, Im far more worried about the malaise in this country. We are fixing to shoot ourselves in the foot by relying so much on goverment and not thinking for ourselves; and that with all the gun laws in effect... :blink:


Sorry, but Ive been thinking long and hard on this. Its something thats bothered me for a LONG time. I worry the next generations wont know the freedoms Ive known, then given time, freedom will disapeer. God help us. Ill get off my soap box now...

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