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  1. Thing is, I really like Windows 10. 'Cepting for the occasional problem such as this, I am happy with it... Pete
  2. Hmm, seems like a lot of work for the "possibility" of the sims working in Windows 10. DCS, from what little I know about it (and I actually have it installed) is quite popular. I have been simming since around 2004. Mostly I fly FSX (carrier ops), but then happened upon SFP1 and WOV, and thought I would try installing them and flying. But it appears too much of a problem! Thanks all for your comments/advice. Pete
  3. Thanks for the quick reply. That is really a shame! I am somewhat surprised, actually.
  4. I have had both sims for years on disc, and they've been on a shelf. Will they work with Windows 10? I have installed all updates/patches, but they will not work. Just very slow screens. Pete
  5. Greetings from a old member...

    Greetings! Haven't been on here since '09. Am flying FSX mostly. I have DCS, but no clue how to use it. Heck, just configuring my controls is confusing!!! How's everyone! Navy Chief....
  6. anybody watch Band of Brothers TV show

    I bought the boxed set, and have watched it three times. It is better each time. Navy Chief
  7. From what folks have told have told me on CH Hangar, I am doing something wrong with the CH Control Manager Program. I have always had problems understanding how to use this program, but am really trying to master it this time. Thanks. Pete P.S. Is beer still a member here?
  8. Ok, I installed the base WOV sim. Then installed the latest patch from Third Wire. Installed CH Control Manager (have CH Pro throttle, Pedals, and Fighterstick. Button assignments will not work in WOV with my controllers. Axis assignments are working, but this is driving me crazy. I hate using the keyboard, period. If I could set it up, I would never use it. Pete
  9. I LOVE Americans!

    Hi Nesher, It's been a long time since I posted on CombatAce, but I logged onto the site just now and read your post. I have emailed you before to say how sympathetic I am towards the problems the Israeli people constantly face. Also, that I am so thankful for the friendship between the US and Israel. Indeed, if I was still a young man, I would join the Israeli Navy to help defend your country! Take care, my friend. Navy Chief
  10. Hi all, As some of you know, my wife and I have a lot of cats. We used to be involved with pet rescue. As a result, we have quite a few of the furry friends; 34, to be exact. That doesn't count my 140 Rottweiler who "thinks" he is a cat too. Anyway, we entered a photo contest, sponsored by "Petsmart". We were notified that our entry is in the top 15. Voting starts today. http://www.petsmart.com/petparazzi I sure would appreciate your vote for our submission! Voting ends on August 12th. Ours is the ONLY picture of cats, entitled: #10 Red Cat Society. Actually, that is a missprint. Should have read "Red Hat Society", but oh well.The names of the cats are: "Torque, Twist, and Tybalt". Thanks for your support! Navy Chief
  11. Thanks for the quick replies! I used to fly SFP1 a lot, when it first came out. But the problems with MP got old. I hear things are better with MP, but have not tried it myself. NC
  12. Hi Folks. I haven't posted here for a while, but have a question about the different views available in the SF/WOE/WOV series. First off, I fly FS2004 almost exclusively. Haven't flown the Third Wire sims in a while. But I reloaded WOV a few days ago, and am trying to figure out something. In FS2004, I am able to select an outside view of the aircraft, and pan around it while the aircraft is flying, etc... Is there a comparable option in the Third Wire sims? Every time I select a outside view of the aircraft, and pan with my mouse.....it reverts back to a view from the rear of the aircraft within a couple seconds, if I don't keep my mouse moving. Most annoying. Please give me some more information, if you can! Thanks. Pete Ward, aka....Navy Chief
  13. It's the exact same situation with me re: Flight Simulator 2004. I have literally hundreds of aircraft/scenery/addons; yet I spend most of my time modifying them all. But I love it just the same! Navy Chief
  14. Have you ever wanted too!

    That's a fact, Fates. A lot of the problems with youth these days is because of the EXTREMELY INEFFECTIVE "Time Out" punishment doled out; instead of spanking. Navy Chief
  15. A question about "Steel Beasts".....

    Thanks! NC

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