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MiG-27 M & D

MiG-27M & D Readme


MiG-27M is new build planes, MiG-27D is MiG-27's updated to MiG-27M level


MiG-27ML (L) will be uploaded later...


Model based on MiG-27 model by Wpnssgt, Screens by Epizikl, Sri_lanka skin by Muesli


This plane required MiG-23/27 Weapons Pack.Please install it first.


D & M versions have no essential visual differences.


http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=9693 - part1


http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=10041 - part2


To Install:


- unpack Archive in temporary folder


- copy MiG-27M,D folders to Aicraft folder.


- copy Sound to sound folder


- Copy Kayra_SIGHT1.TGA, Kayra_SIGHT2.TGA to Flight folder


- Copy Weapons (BVP-50-60 Green & Desert) to weapons folder


- open weaponeditor & merge with BVP-50-60-G_D.ini


note: this additinal version for my BVP_50-60 from mig-23-27 weapons pack, i made ini for two versions with 'MiG-23' & 'MiG-27' specific codes, it's made for


AUTOCHANGE btween KDS-23 & BVP-50-60 (Depending Year) & prevent using KDS-23 on Mig-23 family.


Plane specification:


- Max G: 7.0


- Powerful GSh 6-30 Gun


- MiG-27K can use R-60,R-60M, 2 Kh-23,25R (with Delta-NG2 pod only), up to 4 Laser/TVGuided Kh-25, up to 2 Kh-29, TV guided KAB-500 (LGB's not supported)


- Max Loadout 4000Kg


- R-29B-300 Engine


- Klen-PM Laser Designator. {version Klen-PS from Su-17M3}, no TV camera, but IT-23 Tv screen, all TV guided bombs & missiles allowed (used weapon camera).


- PrNK-23M - nv/targeting complex with Digital Computer 'Orbita-10-15-23M'


- S-17VG-1 aim system


- two KDS-23 Flare/chaff dispensers, replaced by BVP-50-60 after 1982


in production: M: 1978-83 162 planes. D: 1983-87 304 planes.


Russian 27M,D In conservation since 1994. In 2000-2006 Ukraine sold 10 (6+4) MiG-27M to Sri-Lanka (Ukraine had ~ 50 MiG-27M on conservation since 1993-94)


Soviet AP with MiG-27M & D (from Sturbakov's BiGgest VVS database 'Sturbakov@yandex.ru')


- 1-th GAPIB { 36-th VA , Kunmadapashe -85, Mezhekovez 85-87 ,Kunmadapashe 87-91}


- 3-th APIB { 149-th BAD {4-th VA , Kshiva}


- 18-th GAPIB { 303-th ADIB {1-th VA , Galenki}


- 19-th GAPIB { 125-th ADIB {16-th VA , Lertz, Millerovo}


- 53-th GAPIB { 39-th ADIB {15-th VA , Shaulyai}


- 58-th APIB { 30-th ADBT {23-th VA , Step'}


- 129-th APIB { 24-th ADIB {73-th VA , Taldy-Kurgan 79-}


- 134-th APIB { 24-th ADIB {73-th VA , Zhangiztobe}


- 224-th APIB { 303-th AID {1-th VA , Ozernaya Pad' 89-92}


- 266-th APIB { 246-th AID {23-th VA , Nalaykha, Step' 79-..}


- 281-th IIAP { 796-th TsPOf {Totskoye}


- 296-th APIB { 105-th ADIB {16-th VA , Altenburg -89,Grossheim 89-93,Chebenki 93 ,Martynovka93-}


- 300-th APIB { 33-th ADIB {1-th VA , Pereyaslavka}


- 314-th APIB { 289-th ADIB {24-th VA , Chervyaly}


- 321-th APIB { 39-th ADIB {15-th VA , Suurkul', Emari}


- 372-th APIB { 39-th ADIB {15-th VA , Daugavpils 77-93}


- 559-th APIB { 105-th ADIB {16-th VA , Falkenberg,Grossheim,AltenBurg,Vinsterwalde}


- 642-th GAPIB { 48-th, 5-th VA , Voznesensk,Martynovka}


- 722-th APIB { 149-th BAD {76-th VA , Gdov,Smura'yovo}


- 899-th APIB { 39-th ADIB {15-th VA , Lielvaerde}


- 940-th APIB { 265-th VA , Postavy}


Some MiG-27M,D S/N's included in this package (D keeps MiG-27 S/N).


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Happy to see the Sri Lanka skin re-used! Very good!


I love the plane (again!), keep on building MiGs my friend!




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