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  1. Well, thankfully i have nothing but praise for your effort and work! You beast!😁👍
  2. The mod looks magnificent. I love the skins but it was painfully disappointing; As with the other 3 releases though, it's a pity that LOD's are needed from Capun's...These are unobtanium for most of the CA members, including me...
  3. Eurotrip or a non Official CA Getaround

    I am glad that you enjoyed the hospitality, my friend!!! It will be an experience never to forget, for all of us but especially for you! It was great!
  4. Eurotrip or a non Official CA Getaround

    Don't make me go postal!!! ;-) NOBODY disrespects my coffee!!!! However, I gladly serve it to anyone!
  5. Eurotrip or a non Official CA Getaround

    Happy and proud to have been part of this epic Road Trip! As I said... there is always room at the Muesli Inn, and who knows what the future will bring!!! Damn, what a fine community we have here, guys! <3
  6. You could be a bit more polite and grateful... instead of whining like a b*tch... There are other sites and fora regarding SF where you have NO downloads unless you pay and/or register... This community is mostly a labour of love... but the site doesn't run on air... So I hope you tone down and be happy with the arrangements they made here. A lot of modders offer their work here, and a simple thank you would suffice...
  7. Win11 opinion: General usage AND SF2

    I have no performance issues whatsoever. SF2 runs very well on my rig, the only crashes that occur are those that are caused because the install is rather f***ed up... ;-) Cheers, mate
  8. the future is coming. This is just so damn nifty !!

    Gun Jesus is at it again!
  9. Really? Don't be thick... I am not a native English speaker and I think I wrote it down in a clear enough way... Make an effort and use the grey matter...
  10. PS: I can advice you to take a little more time to check the whole site and placing your next question(s) in the appropriate thread. The site isn't a maze in regards to the forums and downloads. Enjoy
  11. Download the file and reinstall. And read the readme files if they are included.
  12. Use the site structure, it speaks for itself. And if you can't find it here, it's not available here.

    To you all, my friends, fellow looneys and plane enthousiasts!
  14. There's more than one question to be asked to you before one can even proceed to answer, me thinks: -What is your OS? -Is the install an vanilla or a modded one? -Have you tried doing a new fresh install of the game? -Is the game on disc or a Thirdwire site download? And I am afraid there's not much more to be done, now... Good luck!

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