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  1. Really? Don't be thick... I am not a native English speaker and I think I wrote it down in a clear enough way... Make an effort and use the grey matter...
  2. PS: I can advice you to take a little more time to check the whole site and placing your next question(s) in the appropriate thread. The site isn't a maze in regards to the forums and downloads. Enjoy
  3. Download the file and reinstall. And read the readme files if they are included.
  4. Use the site structure, it speaks for itself. And if you can't find it here, it's not available here.

    To you all, my friends, fellow looneys and plane enthousiasts!
  6. There's more than one question to be asked to you before one can even proceed to answer, me thinks: -What is your OS? -Is the install an vanilla or a modded one? -Have you tried doing a new fresh install of the game? -Is the game on disc or a Thirdwire site download? And I am afraid there's not much more to be done, now... Good luck!
  7. And what are the differences and/or improvements over the Torno version? https://combatace.com/files/file/15282-banidos-jf-17-thunder-beta/
  8. Oh, better keep listening, might be a bit about "Blessed are the Big noses".
  9. Seems to work fine for me! Although, heavily modded it was already a bit unstable in previous Win versions... But there is no difference and that seems to be a good thing! Cheers
  10. A great day at the NMM!

    Hi folks, fellow lunatics! It finally happened! What was planned for ages, came to bloom last week! Here in The southern part of The Netherlands, me and The Dude were enjoying our 'summer' holidays. Part of it was planning to go visit the National Military Museum in Soesterberg, together with my brother and my niece. We also planned to meet up with world famous Derk, known here at CA of course! It was a meeting we both tried to plan earlier, but it never happened until this week. After knowing each other here on CA and on FB for 10+ years it would be our first face to face meeting! So we drove of from our home town to Soesterberg, the location which has been the former home of USAF 32nd TFS Wolfhounds and the Camp Royal airbase. We parked the car, walked to the entrance and Derk was there to welcome us and offer us a private tour around the museum. Since he's a volunteer guide there, we had front row seats! It was a warm welcome and a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Derk also connected with The Dude, my brother and my niece and the mood of the day was set! Private (=sneaky) entrance to parts which were officially closed... entering vehicles which were 'officially' off-limits... and Derk had lots and lots of stories to tell and anecdotes to share. We also talked about a lot of stuff... small stuff and big stuff... and because of my own military history I also had the chance to visit 'my own' army ambulance which is on display at the exhibit. He appreciated the input of me and my brother, and expressed his gratitude, as me and my brother shared our history as military veterans from the botched UNPROFOR mission in Bosnia. We spent the day in a positive atmosphere. We talked, we sat down for coffee and soda, we laughed and we felt great! Derk grabbed the attention, of both the kids and us. He also gave me a book as a present, which I am reading now. All of this is just a small portion of that big day. A big day which is also made possible because of this... this site... this forum... this fabulous and awesome and crazy community which I am part of. Therefore... I want to say thanks! Thank you Derk! Thank you for the NMM day! But also thank you for everybody here I know. Thank you all, thank you for your friendships! Hope to see you one day, somewhere!

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