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  1. The Dutch flag is nice to see on that forked tail, but the Polly squadron emblem is nicer! It's officially appointed in 1943 while the Dutch served under RAF command.
  2. 2023 Income Drive

    I donated what I can spare. Hope it helps!
  3. Real life problem

    My condolences, I wish you all peace!
  4. Hi, Welcome to CA and welcome to the forum. As you already noticed, there is no subforum named "requests and wishes" and that's with reason. You might also already have seen that wishes and requests rarely are granted; modding (here) is a labour of love for people with filled agendas and full lives. Maybe you can do some research on YouTube and the interwebz and tweak the skills to do it yourself? CA can always use another modder! Cheers
  5. Never Forget!

    Me in 1994 in central Bosnia.
  6. C-101 Aviojet

    In the proper SF thread there already is a 'Most Wanted' thread... You're no more special than anybody else... If you would have taken that courtesy to have a decent look around, you could have placed your wish there...
  7. C-101 Aviojet

    There's already too much work down different pipelines. Also, it's a volunteer labour of love... You could: -stop asking. There's tons of other (free!) mods which are awesome. -be happy with all the mods which ARE available. -learn the skills yourself and build it for the community. And I bet a lot of people would like to get gifts... Being a bit more grateful and constructive would be a lot nicer, though. My two cents...
  8. Transitions

    Old Polly and new Polly!
  9. Damn... it had been ages since I made a little flight! Done some scooting around...
  10. Well, thankfully i have nothing but praise for your effort and work! You beast!😁👍
  11. The mod looks magnificent. I love the skins but it was painfully disappointing; As with the other 3 releases though, it's a pity that LOD's are needed from Capun's...These are unobtanium for most of the CA members, including me...
  12. Eurotrip or a non Official CA Getaround

    I am glad that you enjoyed the hospitality, my friend!!! It will be an experience never to forget, for all of us but especially for you! It was great!
  13. Eurotrip or a non Official CA Getaround

    Don't make me go postal!!! ;-) NOBODY disrespects my coffee!!!! However, I gladly serve it to anyone!

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