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  1. As long as the Capun/Ateam achievement remains, I'm golden! ;-)
  2. Air Strike (Bruce Willis)

    I think it was awful...
  3. But I am not a civilian, as are more people around here... And I think many problems in the world could be solved if "civilians DID give a rat's ass"...
  4. And THIS is why I mostly stay out of politics online...
  5. Sweet job on that fu... eh Fokker! ;-)
  6. Although I was not part of the earlier discussion(s), I can always appreciate someone who is willing to admit his wrong(s) and apologise for it. Kudos
  7. Sort of stand-in sharkmouth... because I saw one on the forum somewhere!
  8. Wow!! Momo and Uzeir!!! Seen them in wartime and post-wartime state... Very recognisable! (And mandatory pic)
  9. And I see they put insulting graffiti on them, as well...
  10. Some flying hours on my clock again...
  11. The ALQ looks like a backward firing torpedo...
  12. Just Checking In, Miss Me?

    You sir.... you just won the internet today!!!

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