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  1. Thanks Wilches! But the problem still prevails. After this fix it happend with a flight of Yak-25's... I guess I have to get used to it and ignore it.
  2. Hi, It is not tied to the airfields, as I see it happen with aircraft formations which are in flight for some time. I notice it ONLY happening with RED aircraft, both fighter types and bombers. So not with BLUE types... The pic I took was from the Archipelago map, and as I said earlier I use a vanilla Formations.ini.
  3. Hahahahaha, you guys! Thank you for the silly answers, and thank you for the insights! I use a bone stock Formations.ini, and I have the issue with different maps. Next thing to do (now) is to fly a few missions in the stock map areas to see if the problem is there as well. If not, it might be in the map itself??? If so, where to look and what to edit? I have no clue! Thanks, crazy people! (It takes one to know one!)
  4. Most of the times I am not paying too much attention to the flying opponents... but I wonder if this is something I can change to a more acceptable formation... Do I need to change values somewhere, do I need to erase/change a file somewhere? Cheers!

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