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Weapons Pack 14th March Now Available

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Version 14th March 04 is now available!




To Install:


Unpack the zip to your objects folder.


LOMAN Compatible:




New weapons since the last pack:



76mm M1A1 Tank Gun by Geo


Fuel Tanks:

MiG-21 Fuel Tank by Pasko

A-4 300 Gal Tank for A-4K by Crab 02/Gramps

P-47 75 Gal Tanks by RussoUK2002

SAAB Draken Fuel Tanks




RBK-250 PTAB 2.5 Cluster Bomb by Tomcat

RBK-250 AO-2.5 Cluster Bomb by Tomcat

RBK-250 AO-1.5SCh Cluster Bomb by Tomcat

RBK-250 ZAB-2.5 Cluster Bomb by Tomcat

RDS-4 30 Kt Nuclear Bomb by Pasko



Mighty Mouse Rockets by Monty CZ

HVAR MkII by RussoUK2002

HVAR (early) by Pasko

SS-N-2 Styx by Geo

BGM-109 Tomahawk by Capun

AGM-84E SLAM by Capun

AGM-84D Harpoon by Capun



F-89D Wingtip Pods by Monty CZ

A-4K Hump by Crab 02/Gramps

MiG-21 Recon Pod by Pasko

F-89D Alternative Armament by Monty CZ



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