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  1. Hi gents, First of all, thanks for the flattery! Nice to see that my work is not forgotten and I apologise for not responding sooner. Second, I didn't delete anything! I have no idea what happened to the files. It really wasn't pleasant to log into the FTP and find EVERYTHING gone. We aren't just talking about SFP1 work either. I had a lot of real life work on there, amongst other things a very precious pdf version of my university dissertation. I still have my fingers crossed that the files haven't been turned to 0's but it's highly likely that they have. Cheers
  2. Rudder pedals

    I'm interested to hear from people that have used both the saitek and ch products pedals. The saitek pedals out here cost about 2/3rds as much as the CH products pedals, but after seeing how tacky the saitek pedals look. I worry that the they are not built anywhere near aswell. Also, would I have a problem running this setup? Saitek pro rudder pedals + saitek X45 (used for throttle) + CH Products fighter stick USB? Cheers
  3. Ch Fighter stick

    Nearly a week after I emailed a number of sources the only replies I have recieved have been from CH products and a store in Singapore. So this afternoon I took the plunge and made the purchase. My initial reaction was that it was a touch plasticy and perhaps a little light, but so far, after a couple of test flights it's perfect. I almost forget that I am flying with my hand because the stick does little wrong that would remind me of it's presence. The trim wheels are working superbly nicely and I think are one of the big reasons I decided to go with this stick instead of a cheaper one. With any luck I'll be having my Saitek X45 sent out here in the next week and I'll have a pretty decent HOTAS setup (Fighter stick + saitek throttle/rudder rocker). Cheers
  4. NF3..Yes please. Here's my wishlist; Mid-80's. Flyable russian side - Late model MiG-21's, Su-17's, Mig-29's, Su-27's Heavy bombers for both sides - B-52's, Vulcans, Tu-XX's. Carriers - US and UK. Ruskie surface vessels. Increase in SAMs. Better planning maps that show the location of SAMs. All of the suitable planes out there (F-14's, F-18's, Mirage, Seaharriers, tornados, etc, the lot) Lots of SEAD missions. Extra ground units. More life on the airbases. Make it so Mr BLT!!
  5. Ch Fighter stick

    Thanks for the help ladies and gents. I have emailed just about every email address I can find. Fingers crossed. :) Cheers
  6. Ch Fighter stick

    That's what it costs here in Bangkok. :( http://www.zest.co.th/www/main/detail.php?...&catagory=6 It's almost exactly $100 less than this in the US. Hell even in Singapore it's only 3 dollars more expensive than the US! 3000 baht difference between the price here and in Singapore..I could fly down there, buy one, and fly back and the whole thing wouldn't cost me any more. I emailed CH products to find out if they have a proper distributor here, but haven't recieved a reply. If anyone has any bright ideas how I can lay my hands on some CH products goodness without selling a kidney, please tell me. My only other option is to buy a saitek stick, but I absolutely loath that clunky single spring design. CHeers
  7. File Name: F-105F_and_G.rar File Submitter: Armourdave File Submitted: 21 Mar 2005 File Updated: 9 Sep 2007 File Category: F-105 *********************************** F-105F-1 Early, F-105F-1 Late and F-105G for Strike Fighters : Project 1 *********************************** build 21-03-2004 *********************************** Installation *********************************** To install these aircraft simply unzip the 3 three folders and place them in your "Strikefighters\Objects\Aircraft" directory. Then simply run strike fighters selecting Single Mission and picking the F-105F-1 Early, F-105F-1 Late or F-105G from the list of flyable aircraft. *********************************** Notes *********************************** You'll need to wait for Service pack 3 to get working tape gauges. *********************************** F-105F and G Thunderchief introduction & History *********************************** The F-105F was heavily committed to combat over Southeast Asia. Some were quickly adapted for the "Wild Weasel" air-defense suppression role, fitted with electronics to detect enemy radars and target air defense sites for destruction in advance of strike packages. The original Air Force "Wild Weasel I" was a modified two-seat North American F-100F Super Sabre, but the F-100 wasn't fast enough to keep up with F-105 strike packages, and so the F-105F was selected for the role. The major elements of the modification were addition of the "APR-25 Radar Homing And Warning (RHAW)" system, which picked up and located radar sites; the "APR-26 Launch Warning Receiver (LWR)", which provided warning of a missile launch; and an "IR-133 Scan Receiver" to search for emitters. The back-seat "electronics warfare officer (EWO)" controlled these devices and had a cockpit CRT to help locate targets. The first such F-105F "Wild Weasel II", sometimes informally known as an "EF-105F", performed its first flight on 15 January 1966, and the Wild Weasel Thuds were engaged in active combat by the spring of that year. A total of 86 Wild Weasel F-105F conversions were performed. The Wild Weasel F-105F was armed with the new "AGM-45 Shrike Anti-Radar Missile (ARM)", a modified Sparrow AAM with a radar-homing head, to destroy radar transmitters, and attacked air-defense sites with CBU-24 cluster bombs and other munitions. Sometimes Wild Weasel F-105Fs worked with F-105Ds in "hunter-killer" teams, with the Wild Weasel Thud pinpointing the target and the F-105Ds destroying it. While other aircraft could avoid air-defense sites when possible, Wild Weasels actually had to attract their attention and take them on. This led to the Wild Weasel motto, which was "YGBSM", standing for "You Gotta Be s**ttin' Me!" Apparently this was the reaction of the first Wild Weasel aircrews when they were told what they were getting themselves into. Wild Weasel crews were generally gutsy sorts, and they evolved tactics for outflying SAMs launched at them. They would watch for a missile launch, and then fly straight at the SAM at high speed, turning at the last moment. The fast-moving SAM would not be able to turn quickly enough to bring the fighter into the blast radius of its warhead. Two Wild Weasel F-105F pilots won the highest American military award, the Congressional Medal of Honor. On 10 March 1967, Captain Merlyn F. Dethlefsen was piloting one of four Wild Weasel Thuds paving the way for a strike package. The leader was shot down by anti-aircraft fire, and North Vietnamese MiG-21 fighter made repeated passes on the survivors, trying to force them to dump their ordnance. Dethlefsen pressed home the attack anyway and destroyed the site. All three surviving Wild Weasels returned home with severe damage. Dethlefsen was personally awarded the medal by President Johnson. On 19 April 1967, Lieutenant Colonel Leo K. Thorsness had completed a Wild Weasel strike when his wingmates were shot down. He was low on fuel but stayed around to cover the air rescue operation, driving of a flight of MiG-17s that tried to interfere. Thorsness shot down one MiG and damaged another. He passed up an opportunity to refuel from a tanker when another aircraft breathing fumes showed up, and landed safely at Ubon, a forward base in Thailand. On 30 April, Thorsness' F-105 was hit and badly damaged. He and his EWO ejected, Thorsness being badly injured in the process, and were captured by the North Vietnamese. They spent over six years in a North Vietnamese POW camp. * 56 Wild Weasel F-105Fs were later updated to an improved "Wild Weasel III" configuration with the designation "F-105G", featuring improved avionics, as well as jammer pods that were faired into the forward fuselage, freeing up the underwing pylons for other stores. 14 of the F-105Gs were further modified to carry the big AGM-78 "Standard Anti-Radar Missile (STARM)", an air-launched variant of the US Navy's "Standard" SAM. *********************************** Known Issues *********************************** * Service pack 3 needed for tape gauges *********************************** Aircraft Files *********************************** Authored by David: Models and Cockpit models Authored by Lansen & David: Cockpit textures Authored by Sundowner: All Skins Authored by Column5: Flight model/data file *********************************** Thanks to *********************************** Sundonwer Lansen Sundowner Column5 Volksjaeger Sundonwer ;) Click here to download this file
  8. File Name: F-105D-31_cherrygirl.zip File Submitter: Armourdave File Submitted: 21 Mar 2005 File Updated: 6 Dec 2006 File Category: SF Century Series Skins F-100/F-101/F-102/F-104/F-105/F-106 *********************************** F-105D-31 Cherry Girl skin for Strike Fighters : Project 1 *********************************** build 21-03-05 *********************************** Installation *********************************** Unpack the zip contents and move the CherryGirl folder into your F-105D-31 folder. *********************************** F-105D-31 Cherry Girl *********************************** The nose art was created to help give the mid-air refueler boom operators on the tankers a better target for the boom. It seems the boom operators were more used to refueling the sluggish B-52's and were having difficulties refueling the F-105. The image of the girl has been bikini waxed and the triangle is a separate decal that can be left off or applied depending on the particular modeler preference. This particular aircraft was shot down on June 3 1967. This aircraft has a MiG-17 kill star on the left side under the canopy. *********************************** Files *********************************** Skin by AD Original Template by Vo Click here to download this file
  9. File Name: F-105D_PussyGalore.zip File Submitter: Armourdave File Submitted: 19 Mar 2005 File Updated: 6 Dec 2006 File Category: SF Century Series Skins F-100/F-101/F-102/F-104/F-105/F-106 *********************************** F-105D Pussy Galore Skin for Strike Fighters : Project 1 by Sundowner *********************************** build 15-03-2004 *********************************** Installation *********************************** Unpack the zip contents and move the 563 folder into your F-105D-25 or F-105D-31 folder. *********************************** Pussy Galore History *********************************** Pussy Galore is the executive jet pilot for the arch Villain in the late '60's James Bond movie "Goldfinger". This nose art was apparently designed to amuse the otherwise bored boom operators in the in-flight tankers and I suspect no boom operator ever forgot refueling this jet. *********************************** Files *********************************** Skin by AD Original Template by Sundowner, AD and Volksjaeger Click here to download this file
  10. File Name: f-105d25_563rd.zip File Submitter: Armourdave File Submitted: 15 Mar 2005 File Updated: 6 Dec 2006 File Category: SF Century Series Skins F-100/F-101/F-102/F-104/F-105/F-106 *********************************** F-105D-25 563rd Skin for Strike Fighters : Project 1 by Sundowner *********************************** build 15-03-2004 *********************************** Installation *********************************** Unpack the zip contents and move the 563 folder into your F-105D-25 folder. *********************************** 563rd Tactical Fighter Squadron History *********************************** 563rd Tactical Fighter Squadron Lineage Designated 563d Tactical Fighter Squadron, and activated, on 1 May 1962. Organized on 1 Oct 1962. Inactivated on 31 Jul 1972. Assignments 23d Tactical Fighter Wing, 8 Feb 1964 (attached to 2d Air Division, 8?9 Apr 1965, and to 6235th Tactical Fighter Wing [Provisional], 10 Apr?15 Aug 1965). Stations McConnell AFB, KS, 1 Oct 1962?31 Jul 1972 (deployed at Takhli RTAFB, Thailand, 8 Apr?15 Aug 1965 and at Eglin AFB, FL, 22 Apr?3 Jun 1971). Aircraft F?105, 1963?1966, 1966?1972. Operations Combat in Southeast Asia, 8 Apr?15 Aug 1965. *********************************** Files *********************************** Skin by Sundowner Original Template by Sundowner, AD and Volksjaeger Click here to download this file
  11. File Name: F-105D_templates.rar File Submitter: Armourdave File Submitted: 13 Mar 2005 File Category: SF Skin Templates PSD templates for the F-105D-25 and F-105D-31 for SFP1. The PSD's in this pack were authored by 3 people: Sundowner - Weathering, paint and stencling David - Panel lines, rivets Volks - Detail parts (gear bays, doors, fuel probe, pylons etc) Click here to download this file
  12. File Name: F-105D Thud Aircraft Add-on File Submitter: Armourdave File Submitted: 24 Jun 2004 File Updated: 9 Sep 2007 File Category: F-105 Original aircraft Textures : Deuces Decals and extra aircraft texture work : Crab_02 USAF1 textures : Marcelo Everything else : Me Template (T1.zip, T2.zip, T3.zip, and T4.zip) : Marcelo Thanks to DanW and TK of Thirdwire, Swede, Gecko, Sal, Rafael for help and support. Click here to download this file
  13. File Name: Su-17M Fitter-C for Strike Fighters File Submitter: Armourdave File Submitted: 24 Jun 2004 File Updated: 9 Sep 2007 File Category: Soviet Aircraft and Variants The Su-17 Fitter with its variable sweep wings was developed from the fixed-wing Su-7B. The first public demonstration of it was made in 1969. It was in production for a long time (1970-1990) and many modifications were built. Some of the modifications were Su-17M, Su-17M2, Su-17M3, and the Su-17M4 (low-altitude subsonic bomber), Su-17UM (trainer). It was designed as a fighter-bomber, but it was used mostly as a bomber. The Su-17 remains an effective aircraft with capable avionics and impressive Click here to download this file

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