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Jasta 12 D.V 10-Pack

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Jasta 12 D.V 10-Pack

Here are 10 Albatros D.V's of Jasta 12 in early summer 1917.


They can be used along with quack74's Albatros D.III's of Jasta 12.

Jasta 12 used a few D.III's until mid summer 1917.


These are just from the summer and fall of 1917. Late 1917 to 1918 had different personal markings all together. I had to draw a line somewheregrin.gif


1. Oblt. Adolf Ritter von Tutschek - (All black fuselage)

2. Paul Billik - (Black swastika on white cross field)

3. Ltn. Carl Meierdirks - (thin blk band w square shape on fuse sides)

4. Ltn. Viktor Schobinger - (Long light blue eliptical shape on fuse sides)

5. Ltn. Friedrich Hochstetter - (three black circles stacked in a pyrimid)

6. J12 6 Point Star - (A 6 pointed blk and wht star on fuse sides)

7. J12 Criss Cross - (Zig-Zagging lines along mid fuse to the nose)

note: Fuselage could be light blue or white.

8. J12 Black Band - ( A black band that wraps around mid fuselage)

9. J12 White Band - ( A White band that wraps around mid fuselage)

10. J12 Castle - ( A black castle like marking on the fuselage sides)




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