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Problem adding alpha objects... WoV

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Hi everybody !


I'm quite new in this forum and it's my first post. Maybe it's a re-post. Sorry about it...

I really need your help about adding alpha objects.

I decided to make my own Vietnam vegetation on the stock terrain, because i miss the greenish paddy fields that disapeared in almost all the excellent quality terrain enhancement i can find on this site. (I found one on deuces's site, but the files are missing in the archive...:dntknw:)

Well, i found the Deuces's tut about adding trees alpha objects and i decided to make it...

As a noob, it was quite sure i will make a booboo...

So i created my TAR and BMP files of the trees respecting the x,x,x,x coordinates.

I followed all the steps of the tutorial at http://www.sfmods.com/tutorials/terrtut/trees.html

Everything was fine, until i tested it on WoV...

No trees...:rofl:

I must have missed a step, right?.. but no...

My questions are :


- when you create your TGA and BMP, do you have an image size limitation ? A specific color for the background ?

- do i have to tweak some of the .ini files, and which one do i have to put, finally, in my VietnamSEA folder with the tiles bmp, tar and tod?


I think it's coming from my images, because if i use the stock trees, it seems to work... But i thought i made them properly (good format)... Strange...


I know i'm a noob... a rookie... a slimy little piece of s..t but I really need your help to understand how to make it WORK !!


Thanks a loooot for your help !!




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Have you tried Green Hell 2 ??? Could save you a lot of work in the end

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Yes, of course, and it's great usin' Brain32's tileset, but there's a lack of paddy fields for my taste in this set, like the Razbam's... Honestly, i don't know if you saw the tileset made by Deuces on his site, but it looks perfect : paddy fields, red grounds, nice colours, like the real deal and it has a trees add-on (see http://www.sfmods.com/terrain.html )... But i'm unable to download it !!! The file containts only... a snow tile !!! And Green Hell is not really fitted for the stock tileset of VietnamSEA. That's why i wanted to add my own trees to the stock tileset. But it's so strange they don't appear. I can see them in the Vietnamdata.ini but not in the game.



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