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Some tweaks to Photorealistic tiles

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This is a simple touch up job of some tiles from Edward’s Photorealistic tile set for Flanders, although surprise yourself and definitely try these tiles in the Vogesen and other terrains as well. Thank you Gepard, Vogesen continues to be a favorite single mission destination for me.


While the new tile sets are certainly welcome (thank you gentlemen!), they come at a cost for some people with old(er) systems. The photorealistic tile set still looks great with the new atmospheric mods and consistently runs superbly. If your system can take the extra load make sure you try Stary’s Flightengine.ini mod to push the horizon out and greatly reduce the ugly gray band. Thank you Stary, those few simple lines of code have rejuvenated FE for me, and I am sure for others as well.


Included are two versions of Flanders coastal tiles (redone for consistent sea colour) that have: 1) a turquoise drop shadow to fake depth to the beach, and 2) coastal tiles without drop shadow. Also retouched are coast trench tiles, airfield tile to blend in more with surroundings, all the river tiles for consistent colour, and miscellaneous touch ups to various ground bmp tiles. Also included are Rhein river photoreal tiles for Vogesen. If there is any interest I'll touchup photorealistic winter coastal tiles.


Thank you Edward, TK, Mike Dora for putting me on the idea and your feedback, and all 3rd party modders who make this a great community.



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Thanks B Bandy RFC you must have gone to a lot of trouble making these but without a readme (for me at least) I do not know what to do with them :dntknw:

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Hi don246,


Oops! Yes, a little voice was nagging me that I had missed something/forgot to include something in the zip. A readme!

The upload is now revised...


Basically if you have installed Flanders terrain drop all the Coast files into that folder BUT choose between either the drop shadow or non-drop shadow coastal tiles. The other Photorealisitc tiles (river, airfield, etc.) also drop into the Flanders folder.


The Rhein tiles go into Vogesen terrain folder, but would work only if you replace your current Vogesen tiles with the photorealistic tiles from Flanders. Back up before you replace!


HERE is where many people diverge in their terrain folder setup and so it is impossible to provide a single install path. You'll have to figure out what tile sets you like visually.


You can consolidate various seasonal terrain tile options within the Cambrai terrain folder. There is no need to duplicate these tile sets between terrains, so save HD space and just have the various terrain.ini's reference the Cambrai folder. That said, however, there are no photorealistic 'rough' tiles yet specifically for the Cambrai terrain.


A way to consolidate the terrain folder and tile sets is explained in an earlier readme HERE


Hope this helps.

Edited by B Bandy RFC

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