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Tracers look wierd now

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Heya stump i know i asked you earlier if you edited the tracers in game, but here is what i was getting at. My tracers pre-patch use to be a white/yellow, but now they are a wierd dark orange. I'm just wondering if anyone else is experiencing this effect.


Here are a couple pics of what im talkin about.


Tracers pre-patch



Tracers post-patch





They were normal during the QC i was in before i DL the patch. and they're like this now. It seems silly to worry about something like this but it really is actually kinda anoying to me. It reminds me of the IL2 tracers (which i just hate). I'd like to get them changed back but have NO idea what file to look in. Any help is appretiated.

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Nevermind. deleted the pilot profile started a new one and its fixed. Was only getting wierd tracers on one profile....oh well. nothing to see here move along, move along.dntknw.gif

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