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  1. Doing It For Real

    Best decision ive made in my short 32 years here on this planet we call earth. Taking the plunge and getting my pilots license! Welcome to the club Capt. Those lucky few who have "broken the surly bonds of earth, and danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings." Sounds to me like you've also found a keeper in that woman of yours.
  2. Im afraid p3 has had its run. But Looming on the horizon i see it being over taken by a much better sim....why P4 ofcourse!
  3. I know there is a sticky for this now, but like pol mentioned. sometimes the stickies get overlooked by the ocasional passer-by. It would be such a shame if someone visited these fourms and didnt see the impressive work done on this new phase of the sim. Long story short.......bump.
  4. New Member

    Well im sure you are aware of the best sim (OFF). But welcome to the best forums you've ever experienced as well. More helpful chaps here than you can shake a stick at. S!
  5. NOOOOOOO Don't look! If you do, you are sure to go through withdrawls instantly (if it is even possible to go through withdrawls of something you have yet to experience). I was perfectly happy puttering along in p3. But NOW...I even threatened Pol with the fingergun! This is serrious stuff.
  6. Ill just say you guys have addressed every issue I could have hoped for already. As far as this pilot is concerned anything else is icing on the cake.
  7. *Stares at Pol, points finger like a gun* "Ok......Gimmie!"
  8. Ok you guys are waaay too good. But tell me you have put some ballast in those AI crates to efectively simulate fuel/guns/rounds and maybe even be affected by the wind as the player crate is. If you can do that....well....I'll buy 2 copies!
  9. OT....New CFS3 mod released

    I have always loved how the IL2 serries looked. Such great attention to detail. However I never liked, at all, the way it 'felt' flying. I dunno if that makes sense. I could dive from 10000ft and scream accross the deck at 2ft, clipping grass, and It just felt as if i was out for a sunday stroll when i looked out the cockpit. Hard to explain. Oh well. Some real good mod work done to this one as well. IL2 has been a staple of the wwii flight sim comunity for a few good years now. Just not one to every grab me personally.
  10. In keeping with the bumpage theme. I noticed a little blurb in the video about the new squadron tracking. Are we talking about acturately recording ai squadmates that die in combat? Or perhaps tracking ai squadmates kills durring a mission? hmmmm currious. Pol, what's it like to hold the carrot? I always seem to be the horse...
  11. OT: Attention Fantasy RPG Fans

    Well ya'll have your favorites, and I have mine. Found Mjoll the Lioness in Riften of all places. Doer of good, and warrior of justice! Mjoll also wrecks shop with a 2hander. She is a little chatty at times but enjoyable to have on long journeys into the deep dungeons. Def my favorite so far. !*!*!*!*! Minor storyline spoiler allert bellow the pic. If you want to know where I got that helm for her...!*!*!*!*! My first real order of business after I picked up Mjoll was to finish off Ulfrics little rebellion in the region. We stormed windhelm and as i finished off Ulfy, I turned to see good ol' Mjoll impaling his bodygaurd housecarl on her greatsword and tossing him to the floor. Ulfric's bodygaurd wore the bearhelm. so i thought it fitting that she should inherit it.
  12. 50th Birthday today

  13. Sticky maybe? Surely this is something that anyone visiting this site/forum would want to see!
  14. I love a lot of things about this little preview clip. The updated manager, UI, and QC could/might be my favorite update so far. Although I also like how squadrons/escadrilles/jastas now have a more regional presence. Oh i don't know, so far it's ALL gravy!

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