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Burma Air War Campaign terrain question

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Hi all,


I got this question from Ice Man in a PM and thought it was probably worth posting the answer here for all 17 & 1/2 people who fly Burma Air War campaign:




Ice Man's Question:


I've downloaded your campaign and works very well.I've a question about the Burma Terrain folder.I've installed all the terrain packs listed on the "read me" file.First of all the pack "WW2 Burma", and the "Burma upgrade pack", "Green Hell2" and for last the "VietnamSEA tile repaint ver1.0".The question is this, when I install the files I must follow a precise order, or is right even the order that I have listed above?


Best regards,





1. Install Edward's Original Burma Terrain


2. Install The Wrench's Burma terrain targets upgrade pack


3. Drop Brain32's Vietnam Sea Tile repaint into Burma terrain folder


4. Drop CA_Stary's Green Hell 2 into Burma terrain folder


5. Copy contents of terrain/Burma folder from Burma campaign d/l pack into terrain/Burma folder in your game install.


6. In Burma campaign download pack, you will see a folder called "Use with Green Hell 2" - drop the contents of that folder into your Burma terrain folder.



At each step, overwrite as requested.


Sorry for not spelling that out in the readme. If you don't install the campaign d/l pack terrain files last, you will be missing out on additional target areas I have added to Wrench's list, and the ground war won't run properly.


Hope that makes it clear.


Anyone else have any questions, fire away.





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