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  1. I'm glad it's working! Thanks for uploading the updated campaign files, I'll put them to use. Always good to have an extra campaign for a terrain. Slainthe!
  2. Try replacing the [Frontline] position entries in the campaign DATA.INI file with these: Position[001]=100000,000 Position[002]=486000,564000 Position[003]=515000,570000 Position[004]=558000,565000 Position[005]=594000,570000 Position[006]=630000,540000 Position[007]=655000,500000 Position[008]=670000,501000 Position[009]=720000,510000 Position[010]=760000,496000 Position[011]=820000,510000 Position[012]=864000,554000 Position[013]=938000,562000 Position[014]=992000,617000 Position[015]=1003000,657000 Position[016]=1022000,708000 Position[017]=1018000,740000 Position[018]=970000,750000 Position[019]=960000,784000 Position[020]=1010000,810000 Position[021]=1042000,833000 Position[022]=1068000,828000 Position[023]=1060000,850000 Position[024]=1024000,866000 Position[025]=1030000,912000 Position[026]=995000,938000 Position[027]=938000,965000 Position[028]=877000,1005000 Position[029]=822000,1045000 Position[030]=771000,1007000 Position[031]=707000,953000 Position[032]=655000,971000 Position[033]=618000,934000 Position[034]=558000,980000 Position[035]=502000,1027000 Position[036]=428000,1020000 Position[037]=363000,948000 Position[038]=320000,860000 Position[039]=120000,900000 Position[040]=100000,1500000 I took these from the MOVEMENT.INI file from the Iceland02 terrain folder. That will get you up and running. There is till something bit odd going on with the unit entries. Unfortunately, I don't have time to look into it just now. Try using this as a template campaign for the Iceland02 terrain. You will need to swap out some of the unit types, as some of those old mods I used are no longer available for one reason or another, or have been superseded by updated versions. Operation: Polar Glory '99 v1.03 - User Made Campaigns - CombatACE Best of luck!
  3. Hi madvad, Have you changed the [Frontline] settings in the campaign DATA.INI file to match the Iceland02 map? Those are right at the end of the DATA.INI file. If you just used the same frontline settings from the stock Thirdwire Iceland map, then the campaign engine won't work properly on the Iceland02 map. That's one explanation for the immediate loss you are seeing. The frontline for a campaign has to be plotted using map co-ordinates for your campaign terrain, so that it runs from one side of the map to the other. All of the friendly strategic nodes have to be on one side of the frontline, and all of the enemy strategic nodes have to be on the other side. As ground units capture strategic nodes, the campaign engine will move the frontline dynamically. You may need to play around with the number and position of plotted points on your frontline to get the campaign engine to work properly. I hope that helps. Anyway, I'm glad to see you are enjoying my little Iceland terrain! That takes me back a few years.... Slainthe!
  4. Your First Sim

    Tomahawk by Digital Integration, on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. 48K bytes of RAM, two-tone wireframe graphics, and a Kempston Joystick. It even had a dynamic campaign. Well, kind of. And you had to save your progress on a cassette tape. 1985. Happy Days.
  5. FW-190F8 "Jabo"


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