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SF2V Air & Ground War Expansion Pack v2.0 - Terrain Update

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SF2V Air & Ground War Expansion Pack v2.0 - Terrain Update


SF2V A&G Expansion Pack: New Terrain Items

for Older Expansion Pack Installations



This package contains an updated set of terrain files for users of the SF2V Expansion Pack who installed the original Expansion Pack distribution from November 2009 and all the subsequent updates through the "Feb. 2010 Refresh." It was created to bring older Expansion Pack installations current with the "updated" Expansion Pack files that were released early March 2010 without forcing users to download the complete set of "updated" installation files.


- If you downloaded and installed the Nov. 2009 version of the Expansion Pack and installed the "Terrain Tiles Update" as well as the "Feb. 2010 Refresh," then this update package is for you.


- If you downloaded and installed the Nov. 2009 version of the Expansion Pack but did NOT install both the "Terrain Tiles Update" and "Feb. 2010 Refresh," then you can upgrade to the most current version of the Expansion Pack *only* by downloading the complete, updated set of installation files. You can find the four part set of updated Expansion Pack installation files here:


Part 1:



Part 2:



Part 3:



Part 4:



- If you downloaded and installed the SF2V Expansion Pack on or after 3 March 2010, then this update package is NOT for you -- the "updated" Expansion Pack files from March 2010 already contain all the files from this update.






To install this update, simply copy the contents of the \To_Mod_Folder directory to your SF2V Mod Folder. In other words, drag and drop the \Terrains folder to your SF2V Mod Folder, overwriting as prompted.


That's it. You should be good to go.



Target Areas Added & Updated





An Bo POL Storage Depot *

Xuan Bo Supply Depot *

Mu Gia Transshipment Point *

Ban Karai Transshipment Point *

Ban Raving Transshipment Point *

Lang Mo Transshipment Point *

Haiphong Rail Yard

Hanoi Rail Yard

Thai Nguyen Rail Yard

Yen Bai Rail Yard

Thach Son Xa *




Bai Thuong

Cat Bi

Dong Hoi *

Hai Duong


Hong Gai

Nam Dinh

Nam Phong RTAFB *

Ninh Binh

Phu Tho

Quon Lang *

Son Tay

Thai Nguyen

Thai Nguyen Steel & Iron Works

Uong Bi

Vinh Son *


* = both North & South Vietnam terrains



Eric Howes

4 March 2010


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Wow - again such a mass of improvements and added aircraft! good.gif

I downloaded and extracted it yesterday right away - still need to apply it. And I'm zealous to see it... yess.gif


Eric, one question:

in the ReadMe you say that there's "an alternate DATA.INI for the new F-4E 'Rivet Haste,' which uses "heavy" exhaust emitters. The alternate DATA.INI for that aircraft is contained in the \Optional\DirtyExhaust directory. This alternate DATA.INI uses the DirtyExhaust Emitter, which should have less of an impact on performance for those with older systems."

I'm a bit puzzled, I must admit - does the "heavy" exhaust emitter come with the 'Rivet Haste' as default and the /Options includes the DirtyExhaust Emitter which serves as a roll-back for the ones with older systems, or do the "heavy" emitters still need to be applied by copying them from the /Options (and are they - surprisingly enough - more performance-friendly)?

I have always been using Exhaust Emitters you supplied as default and was more than satisfied with that...




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By default all the F-4s use the custom J-79 exhaust emitter, which is what I referred to as a "heavy" exhaust emitter. That custom emitter has a performance impact on some systems, so that \Optional directory contains an alternate DATA.INI for each F-4 that uses the standard 3rd Wire "dirty" exhaust emitter. All that F-4E Rivet Haste alternate DATA.INI does is provide the same kind of alternate DATA.INI that already exists for every other F-4 in the main Expansion Pack Gold Release.


If you like the default exhaust on the F-4s, then stick with them.


Eric Howes

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It's great - so I'll stick with it! good.gif


(I thought, the 'Rivet Haste' might have some different exhaust than the other F-4s......)


Thanks for your quick reply - I cannot wait to check out this new addition to the game.clapping.gif


Thanks, Eric.

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The new tiles come HOT!!! clapping.gif


They look really warm (instead of the cooler hue before) now.....


Of course I very much appreciate the new craft, too.


Once again - you (yourself and Pappa Goat) did a GREAT job! Thanks so much...



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