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Fri 12-4 9pm edt

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As we were flying, Firecage and myself along with SittingDuck, we decide to create a Mission On The Spot.


Defend against Gotha Bombers over London. We flew SE5a. They flew Gothas, DVII, and DR1.


The fiendish Huns target....?............a Lingerie Factory along the Thames. We had to defend King, Country, and (ahem) Corsets!heat.gif


We were victorious to the last. We beat back the fiendish HUN. They strove valiently to deprive the maidens of the Kingdom of their undergarments.Salute.gif


Our fliers were victorious,and their reward was granted to all, by those dear maidens of whom we defended. yikes.gif


God Save The King.........................and His bountiful bevy of beautiful maids. lol.gif

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Could not have said it better,,,,,and i mean that sincerly,,,


But would like to try the "missions on the fly" (no pun) some more..


Im outta ideas right now for missions. Aside from take off,, fly, fly , fly, shoot shoot shoot,,land....its hard to figure out what gives a misssion "character" (ie,,train busters)...


Everybody in the session chips in what they might want to see,,,and we throw toghether a quick package...Anything we come up with that is better than normal we save for another day...


Oh,,and ill try not to put everybody on the same side again....

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I think it would be great fun to have 2 teams of pilots, and one side escorts bombers and the other defends against them. Sort of a mini-Battle of Britain style.

Maybe some English Channel Kampf action. British fighters defend against HUN fighters trying to stop Allied shipping from reaching the French coast.




Inspiration for missions..........will do a little research on that myself. Am going to read "Bloody April" next. Will keep my thinking cap on. Or is it my "drinking cap"......drinks.gif

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