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  1. Thanks Olham. The other item worked. Reset the CFS3 files. Got it going. Oh I believe the flight modelling in this game is wonderful. Seems to have a good balance of skill and planes abilities. Still takes some skill as a pilot.........(need alittle BLUE pill for that) See You In The Skys
  2. I'll give that a go. Thanks............
  3. WELL................phooey then!!!!! That's too bad really....... BTW I am getting an Error Message that the Overide Files didnt configure and I need to reinstall OFF...................HELP!!!! Game starts......but will not allow campaign or quick combat or anything.
  4. I believe that Voss knew (much like Brook in his fight) that he was safest from enemy fire while inside the circle. He knew he could only be fired upon by a few planes at a time. They had to take care NOT to shoot down their own. Remember he did down 2 planes earlier that day, and 2 from the 56 SQd., were so badly shot up they were write-offs. The more you think about it, it was as IF Voss was taunting the flyers, making them fly to HIS plan. Maybe being 20 had something to do with it. He was young, brash and thought he would live forever. And unlike MvR, he enjoyed aerobatics and flying about. Using the advantage of his DR1 in combat. Must have really pissed the 56Sqd. to no end. Took those "aces" over 10 minutes to take him down. And then it was a 2-on-1 scenario that did bring him down. One on his tail, and the other ( I believe Rhys-Davids) raked his side as he flew past. It might have been the 'high water mark' of the air war. At least for the German side. I just purchased his bio, 'September Evening: The Life and Final Combat of The German WW1 Ace Verner Voss' by B Diggens. Looking foward to this read. BTW: I am gonna fire up the game and LEARN that flat turn.............
  5. That's exactly what I had tought too, maybe just bloody their noses enough to make them cut and run. Like the Brooks dogfight, he survived because he shot down 4 a/c, they got scared and flew away. Only got credited w/2 kills. Voss absolutely out flew his opponents, many were aces too. And yes, he put rounds into every SE5a that day! That they were not shot down is astonishing, given Voss' skill. Did the 56Sqd. ever recount if they KNEW it was him before the enagement? Or did they realize it only after he crashed? Did not remember that from the show. Then again, its why MvR had the "red" triplane. Make sure the enemy knew who they was up against, even before they thought to engage. Like Ali..................you KNEW he was gonna wup ya'z...........HE knew it ...................and HE knew that YOU knew it too! Still a very sad encounter. So young.
  6. A couple of sites I have used to find books are: www.theareodrome.com and www.abebooks.com The Aerodrome has a section on books and has sections for each area, pilots, or planes,etc. AbeBooks has a search engine that can find some hard to find books, or out of print. The old series from Time Life, titled "Knights of The Air" is a good book with lots of pictures and info. Easy to read. Might find at AbeBook. Any of the Osprey Aircraft series is great. Very informative, detailed and lots of colour pictures to enjoy! Usually about specific planes, but good . Hope you enjoythe search. That's half the fun. Another idea, try "Jane's Aircraft of WW1". They are the definitive authors on all things of military interest around the world.
  7. I posted rather late last evening............at MY age can't sleep as much as I used too.......... It was on the History Channel last evening, around 8pm,CST here Tennessee. Just happened to catch it,was channel surfing.....which drives the wifey nuts............ ........can tell a good show in less than 3 seconds! (if it ain't got nekked ladies......it ain't good!..... Above post has the link to YOU Tube with the show. Its all there. I have begun to think also that Voss might have been the best too. MvR always waited for opportunity, then struck his victim. He disdained aerobatics and claimed to never having done a loop. He was more 'death from above' secure the kill and fly away to fight another day. I am not sure that length of service has more to do with skill, or just plain ol' luck! Voss was more of what you said a knife fighter. Why he stayed in that 6 vs 1 scenario..........he wanted to push HIS envelope to the max. He was that sure of his skills. I doubt MvR would have even attempted to begin the fight, or rather would have climbed away to survive after not having shot down any opponents. Just my opinions. I watched it again today. Almost too good to be true. But then again, as a writer once said, writing fiction is harder than truth...........FICTION has to make sense!
  8. Thanks Olham. I found it on the internet, somewhere, it supposed to be a Teutonic Knight Symbol. I thought it looked rather good myself. And yes I thought they would look really cool on a kite too. Maybe a black and yellow stripped pattern on a DV VII, . (Teutonic Knights being Germanic descent and all.) Unfortunately, very few programs about the air war cover the Great War. This is one of the first I have ever seen that covers it fairly well. I looked up Voss,and found the program was very accurate. These guys knows their stuff! Other programs of a more modern story, actually have interviewed the pilots engaged in the dogfights. Very good . . Sorry about the size.........didnot realize how big they were.
  9. This evening, on the History Channel, they have a program called, "Dogfights". It featured 3 very good fights from WW1. It uses a Flight Sim/ PC type game to illustrate the what is happening along with good narration. Anyone know what flight/sim it uses? The first was the infamous fight, Voss vs The Flight of 56 Sq. SE5a. If the show is accurate (as I assume it is) the flying ability of Voss was phenomenal. It demonstarted the 'flat180' turn he used. His instincts were superb, and may have demonstrated that HE was not only the finest fighter pilot of the German Air Service but perhaps the War. He encountered 8 SE5a that day. Having shot down the first 2,then engaged then next 6 alone. Interestingly, an ALB came along and tried to help him out. Literally got in his way a lot, and eventually was shot down too. Unfortunately, after what seemed like an eternity, Voss was finally wounded, and crashed. A sad day for the Germans. As I said, if this is an accurate depiction of the events, HE was absolutely the best there was. And he was only 20 years old! The next was American ace, Ray Brooks. His SPAD XIII encountered about 12 or so Fk DV VII...! Like Voss, he engaged all of them, staying in the middle and flying all over the place. I believe he downed around FOUR aircraft, and then as he began to dive away from the DV VII, they broke off and headed for home. He used some "New" type of ammo, I think they called it 'incendiary bullets' !!!!! There was a third, Udet vs Guynemer. Good flying, and after Udet's guns jammed, the gallant Frenchman flew by, waved and flew for home. A great program. After watching how well Voss flew.............................
  10. Winston's Saturday MP sessions

    Sounds like fun................................lets give it a go!
  11. I haven't been around much these last few weeks due to intense flu / seasonal colds in my son and wife. Son came home from college over Christmas break and was very sick for a week. He recovered and then the wife started last week, and took her to the DR Monday. Looks like the rest of this week she's recovering and returning to her work next Monday. Proscribed Tamaflu. Its NOT the H1N1, but its brutal. I am trying my best to nurse her back to health. (and staying away from her so I won't catch anything) Everyone be aware of this. If it doesn't get better in a few days, get to the DR and get some medicine. Interesting note: Wife usually gets a FLU shot during this time of the year. She did NOT get one this year. My advice, get the FLU shot if you generally get one. BTW Boys: I look pretty damn sexy in my "Nurse Goodbody Outfit".
  12. AX is right. Its nothing against flying in a more realistic style.Besides.........IF it was a true flight sim.........all we would have might be a fairly good map of the terrain, and a compass. And thats all. Its timing at the moment. AND I like flying just for fun right now. Vasco'o Volunteers are just another style to play. Kinda like HardCore in an FPS-Shooter, no HUD, ammo counts, CrossHairs. Stuff like that. S'Duck and a few of us kinda find our way..........fly a little and have a great time. No one should feel pressured to fly. Its up to the pilot.
  13. I think I will sit this one out. After some thought, I think I would rather fly for the USA later in the war. Good luck to all. I still will be around for some MP on-line flying...............just not able to dedicate the time needed to be a good pilot.
  14. Flight maneuver demonstration

    IF I can get this link to work it shows some of these manuevers w/ RC plane. http://www.rc-airplane-world.com/more-rc-airplane-aerobatics.htmlne.
  15. Like to fly with a few visuals, but however the group decides is ok with me. May try this Campaign to see if I can fly. Maps....? ...grids....? Those sound helpful.

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