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No.60 & No.56 S.E.5's mid 1917

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Hi everybody. Ok, I'm working on the last flight of Werner Voss of Jasta 10. Had to do some research to get it as accurate as possible. I've done all I could to get all the correct markings on the S.E.5's of No.56 Suadron and No.60 Squadron. I still need to paint on the correct letters and numbers but for now I've used the game generated decals. I did paint on the Roundels and moved them closer to the center of the wings as they were early on in 1917. I created the August and September version of No.56 markings w the dumbells on the rear fuselage. They were only around for those two months. It was after the Voss fight of Sept 23 the marking of a white band, just forward the tail, section was implimented. I think on Sept 30. And No.60 Squad had white circles aft of the roundels and on the rear fuselage top deck. So below are some pics of the skins (WIP) I will include along with the single mission.


No.56 Squadron B Flight:




No.56 Squadron C Flight:




No.56 Squadron A Flight (not involved in fight but made it anyway):




No.60 Squadron:





And Werner Voss' FI.103/17




Line up shots and one combat shot:





There will be more in the readme file. But after take off as Werner Voss in Dr.1 103/17, you will fly over No-Mans Land and encounter two S.E.5's from 60 Squad which will be easy prey, but then you will be jumped by No.56 B Flight then C flight. A lone red nosed albatros (Very Possibly Karl Menckhoff of Jasta 3) will join you. The timing has worked out for me so far. I'll try it a few more times. I also added some action on No-Mans Land for some effect. You're not supposed to live through this. So if you don't, then it worked. At least if you are killed be No.56 Squadron.

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