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Call Of Duty: United Offensive

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CALLOFDUTY.COM, Apr 14 — Gamers can enlist for a second tour of duty on the intense front lines of WWII with Call of Duty™: United Offensive™ - the expansion pack to the highly acclaimed, #1 best-selling Call of Duty™ from Infinity Ward. Delivering a compelling, all-new single player campaign filled with new weapons, character abilities and other expanded features, Call of Duty: United Offensive also offers a robust multiplayer experience introducing new maps and modes of play. Building on Call of Duty's award-winning cinematic intensity and chaos of battle, players are thrust alongside their squad mates into more authentic action on Europe's most historic battlefields. Currently in development at Gray Matter Interactive Studios, Call of Duty: United Offensive is expected to release later this fall and is rated "RP" (Rating Pending) by the ESRB.

Call of Duty: United Offensive's single player campaign allows gamers to experience more of WWII's most crucial and legendary conflicts, including The Battle of the Bulge, The Battle of Kursk and the invasion of Sicily, as they fight through more than ten intense all-new maps. The game features new weapons, character abilities, weather effects and explosions, adding even more realism to the chaotic battlefields.

Additionally, Call of Duty: United Offensive expands on the popular multiplayer experience of Call of Duty, offering new multiplayer maps that set the stage for tank combat, as well as tank-and-foot-soldier combined arms action, providing the ultimate battle of Axis vs. Allies. Fans will also enjoy three new multiplayer gameplay modes, including Tank Battle, Capture the Flag and Domination - where squads must take control of key locations while preventing enemy troops from advancing.





COD-NATION.CO.UK, Apr 14 — This UK Call of Duty fan site is packed with great info for the hardcore fan. They've got articles with some of the top mod makers in the Call of Duty community, and a growing clan database for those fans interested in following the Call of Duty competition scene. CoD Nation is the site to check out!


Axis soldiers take cover near a damaged tank in Bocage, one of the new maps available in the recent 1.3 Call of Duty update.




RETAILERS, Apr 14 — Activision has released a special Game of the Year edition of Call of Duty™, now available in stores. The Call of Duty™: Game of the Year edition features Infinity Ward's original award-winning WWII first person action game in addition to post-release product updates, including a new multiplayer mode and maps, EAX 3 sound support, mapmaking toolkit and multiplayer gameplay enhancements. Currently available at retail outlets nationwide, the Call of Duty: Game of the Year edition has a suggested retail price of $49.99 and is rated "T" (Teen - Blood, Violence - content suitable for persons ages 13 and older) by the ESRB.





CALLOFDUTY.COM, Apr 14 — Fans can now keep up to date on what's going on in the Call of Duty tournament scene by heading over to the official Call of Duty site. The new "Tourney News" section lists upcoming tournaments, recent tournament scores, and more. Check out CallofDuty.com, the official Call of Duty website, for more.



WWW, Apr 14 — Gamers worldwide are joining with their friends and signing up for tournaments in some of the hottest online competition in gaming. For fans interested in playing in Call of Duty tournaments, here's where to find some of the biggest competitions going.

IONGamers - ION Gamers is the place to play to win cash and prizes. ION Gamers hosts regular Call of Duty competitions in their gaming league. Be sure to follow the 16 squad invitational league running April 16-18th at ION Gamers where teams can win up to $2000 in cash prizes.

The Combat Zone - The Combat Zone is hosting the Gainward International Call of Duty Open, a three-month event where teams compete for prizes including hardware and more. Sign ups are going on now, so get your slot at The Combat Zone.

Cyberathletic Amateur League - CAL has been one of the top places to frag your friends in serious online Call of Duty competition. CAL runs on a seasonal schedule, so if you've got a group of friends, keep tabs on the Cyberathletic Amateur League for a schedule, news, and more.





WWW, Apr 14 — Call of Duty players can look forward to a new multiplayer map, "Stalingrad", in the upcoming 1.4 Call of Duty update. In addition to a new map, the new 1.4 update will also contain PunkBuster anti-cheat protection.

For more information on the upcoming update, check out the official Call of

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