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You can the the F84F for 2002/04 at flightsim.com or simviation--it is by

Kazunori Ito.


I know a Greek pilot, Yiannis, must be 75 today, who flew these and he told me that they were a great improvement over the F-84G, which was uncomfortable, unreliable, and hated by most pilots--according to what he said..He once flamed out near Rhodes, landed, the a/c broke the gear, and he was picked up two days later by a helo from the USS Randolph.


While on Rhodes Island, waiting for rescue, he went woman-hunting and he had two married women whose husbands were off the house and was seen bolting out the rear window in a great rush and running gathering his pants up, with shoes and officers'cap in his hands, in the general direction of the airfield when the husband was heard turning the key in the front door. He got to his aircraft, past the mechanics, and into the cockpit, to finish dressing in rather tight and unsuitable quarters, and stepped down in smiling glory (almost falling off as it was a high plane to get off from), and once on the ground, asked the mechanics nonchalantly what they were staring at...and walked off towards the tower without waiting for their reply, determined not to lose face in the slightest...The Piasecki helo picked him up a few hours later, took him to the Randolph in blue water nearby, and sailed him to Piraeus harbor the next day...somewhat scruffier-looking, but contented.


Yiannis had also flown Spitfires IXs ("one day in Crete we watched and laughed as the guys landed and broke the ends of the props when their planes tilted nose down" he said, and Helldivers ("You needed the force of the bull to land that beast..."). Haven't seen Yiannis since 1985, wonder if he is still alive....He was quite a ladies' man, flying what was a man's plane at the time...

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Love the F-84, remember this plane as a kid in Tucson. Youd see them fly over occasionally, probably doing some training at Davis-Monthan AFB. I also made Revell models of it. The plane just LOOKED cool and business-like. Pretty amusing story about Yiannis, he sounds like just about any red blooded pilot, lol. Always looking for adventure, and if you cant find it in the air, look for it on the ground, lol. :D


I guess Im gonna hafta break down and get FS2004. One of our elders at church is a WW2 pilot who flew the Stimson and he LOVES the sim. I know me though, Ill be so busy trying to figure out how to communicate with the tower, Ill probably crash into it... :blink:

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