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Guest British_eh

Survial In the Air - OFF Workshop settings - Rookie's

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Guest British_eh

Hi there,


Please see STICKY: OFF General Help Topics > OFF Tips and Cheats mostly by Uncleal


For the new OFF pilots, here is a proposed Workshop setting. These settings were chosen as it is a good idea to start easy, and work your way up. There will be a progression that will end in what we feel is the most realistic Settings/Tweaks that OFF can offer. Of course, there always is DiD, which is what some describe as "brutally hard".


It is a good idea to start with several pilots, French, British, German, American, and then select > Quick Combat > Quick Flight Type > Free Flight > select Aircraft. You may want to select "Pilot never dies" to preserve your poor chap for several missions.


There is a learning curve to each airplane, and there is lots of time to get shot down, so practice, practice.








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Gone is the old Phase 1 way of doing things, meaning fly QC till the enemy seems predictable, then fly campaign


Those who fly much in CFS3 QC ( some exclusively ) Will tell you. . . . it's tops for action




- Start in QC w/ a one on one flying a particular type against a particular type - master that

- Then fly the same type against other types - master that

- Then do 1 vs 2 - try to master that

- Then 5 v 5 furballs - stay alive

- Then do a campaign in 1917 / 1918 - cause that's where the action is. :cool:

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