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1st Gen Su-25 mod Drop Tank Addon


This mod is a INI rework for the 1st Gen Su-25 mod by Uhu (You need that mod for this one to work, See Original ReadMe file.) to make use of the Drop Tanks Included in the Su-25 LOD. They will not "Jettision",(If you do ya just dump the fuel).You can Load and unload them in the loadout menu. Or you can Edit the Loadout,ini as you like.




!!!! Back up your Original Files first!!!!


1: Copy ONLY the "Su-25_DATA.ini" and the "Su-25_LOADOUT.ini" to the Su-25 Aircraft folder allowing to overwrite when prompted.


2: Copy the Data from the WeaponData.txt To the WeaponeData.ini,Changing the [WeaponDataxxxx] to the next number then save,Then save with Weapon edit.




Drop Tanks use the texture in the Aircraft's texture (skin) folder-So leave it there!!


This mod has only been tested with WOE patched

to 10-08


The "ModelName=" in the WeaponData Intentionally left blank.


As far as I know you will not find the Drop tank data in any 1st Gen Weapones Pak.


The INI Files and WeaponData are saved with ANSI coding.





CombatAce Freeware License







The Sukhoi 25 was/is done by AmokFloo and 76.IAP-Blackbird.


The original creator of the Su-25 tanks is Ravenclaw


1stGen INI mod By Uhu






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