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  1. @ Stary

    Still around old friend? I'm back in the 3D stuff.
  2. @Wrench

    I'm waiting on a Ext HDD for movies. 3gb stacked up on my 4gb internal. Once that is empty I can Load SF2. We should call Max "Mad Max 2009" Went looking through all the old projects I started. Man where dose the time go? Now all I have to do is remember the next vertex. Thanks for your support. Took 2 Years to build the new PC, but man it's fast and cool! And worth every cent. I'm getting 90fps with Diablo 3.
  3. @Wrench

    Got my new PC built. $3000.00 and counting. 3D stuff next. Been long time no fly. Have to relearn 3d Max,Ya what Fun. Miss all my friends. Someone wanted a P40S with 50's, Will get on that first.!!
  4. Still in the Game

    Well I'm still here. Just waiting to get enough cash to finish my new PC. It's been a long road. Cancer, Homeless, Lost all my stuff. Just went through all my old files. Dam I've work to do. Miss you all. Raven
  5. Stary gave me his P-40B pit, and I'm going snag the radio's for mine. Last thing I need,then render the LOD. RL is still getting in the way. I still need a few things to put my new PC together, I7 Madness, Just need a PSU and some Ripjaw.Then 3D Heaven, Oh and a new Hotas joystick.
  6. OK, next on the chopping block, Ya, I know I've slacked, but RL gott In the way. 90% Done. Ya and Max 2009 this time..
  7. Raven Update

    I'm missing the 3d stuff, my hole world is changing, I beleave the world is made of Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust, I Beleave.
  8. Raven Update

    Well, I'm building a new PC, Got the Case, Motherboard, AUSA Z-170WS, CPU, I7-7700 3.8 ghz, CPU Cooler and program, Win 7/64, NEED power and Mem. Got a Samsung 500GB SSD, Going to need a Keyboard, got the mouse. 32in HDMI TV for start. MY Laptop is just too wimpy to do 3D. So I'm on hold for now. Waiting for cash. Need more beer!!! and a new Joystick.
  9. RAVEN

    Thanks everyone. Now I just have to replace my desktop, but until then I can work on my Laptop. Have to relearn how to use Max. (What was that damm command anyway?)(Bang head on keyboard!!!!). Thanks again. Raven
  10. RAVEN

    Man you guys are the coolest, but I,m waiting to hear from Stary. You out there my friend! and The Wrench. Make my day!!!! Oh, B-36 is still in the oven, ya I have't forgot.
  11. RAVEN

    I lost my desktop PC And most of my stuff>\, Hell I had to live in a Tent for 3 mounths, but now I'm in doors and getting my life back. I'm waiting for some Elect__ Stuff to come in the mail, then kick the Med's, then back in the groove Hoooraa!
  12. RAVEN

    Well I'm back. I beat the Cancer and have my Lap up and running. I'm busting out the old 3DS files. P-40B Cockpit is #1 Heak it's been a hard road. I missed you all! Raven
  13. Sad news for me.

    I'm overwhelmed by your support. Okay this battle, I swear I'll win, or die tying. Never give up. That's what they told me in basic.!!!!!
  14. Sad news for me.

    Well, I'm still vertically standing, and I'll be dammed, I'll never give up. Hooraw!!! Besides I still have about 6 3D Projects to complete. And upgrading my AC, P-40's and Hurricanes to SF2. Don't Tell me threre low on the list. I need something to look forward to!!!!! Raven
  15. Sad news for me.

    Thanks everyone for your support! It's helping me keep my sanity and my will to go on. No matter what the end game is!!

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