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I am running xp with Lock on Gold. The computer is working with everthing else ok

but the a10 in the game just is not working right. Its a white colour ever time i play it.

I have installed the game completely three times and its still white!

How do you fix this. I think there is a fault in there some where.

Should i get new copy of lock on gold?

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What are your system specs? Specifically what kind of video card and memory does the card have?


I have xp 2gig ram 3.0ghz processor 500gb harddrive nividia geforce 8600GS graphics card.

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I am using modman on the lockon gold a10 stock from the main menu. I have no idea about

SIMMOD A-10. The SIMMOD A-10, also, turns the A-10 white.

So far, all that i can get from Modman is white A10, but the modman works the start screen menu

changes great.

I will try the drivers.

Really i have had no joy from Modman only errors mainly such as the white A10.

What version of Lock on is ok with Modman?

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