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Arab Six Days war - ver. 2

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Arab Six Days war - ver. 2

Arab Six Days war Ver. 2


This is an expanded Six Days war campaign for Strike Fighters 2 Israel.

In the original Thirdwire's campaign, one can only fly the Israeli side. This campaign allows you to fly for the Egyptian Syrian and Jordanian Air Forces during the 1967 Six Days war.


Flyable aircraft are:

Mig- 17, Mig- 17F

Mig- 19S

Mig- 21F, Mig- 21PFM

Su- 7BMK

Hunter 6, Hunter 73


Before installing the campaign, the Arab aircraft or cockpits must be downloaded from combatace site and installed in SF2 Israel.


Eearly Mig cockpits can be downloaded here:


Mig- 21 variants can be downloaded here:



Su-7BMK here:



Jordanian Hunters here:





Special thanks to Paulopanz for RJAF HUNTER F.6 / F.73 collection



1. Install the required Arab aircraft as indicated above. The RJAF hunters by paolopanz includes cockpit and skins.

2. Unrar

3. Copy and paste the campaign into your SF2I mod folder.





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Thanks for the effort guyran, it's refreshing to be able to play the other side.


That said, i'm having issues with mixed squadrons in the way that, for example, Jordanians squadrons are operating from Egypt, or Syrian from Jordania. Nothing major but, well, the immersion is somewhat broken.


I'm no expert at campaign modding but may it be because in the Arab 6d_DATA.INI file, all the Arab nations are defined as a single force ([Force002]) rather than a distinct one, for example [Force003] for Syria and so forth?

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Nice cockpit but there's no gunsight! You have to guess where the ammo sould go. Even without gunsight I managed to finish my first campain in the syrian side of the 6 day war flying a Mig-19S with a total of 26 kills!

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