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  1. SAAF Mirage IIIRZ modified to carry AS-30 en route to attack a radar station on southern Angola One of the attackers was hit by SA-7 and soon FAPA MiG-21bis were scrambled to intercept them. On the background you can see the Fishbed while looping
  2. new tiles for Korea MIGAlley from Gepard

    Terrific work! Still great mods for this obsolete little sim!
  3. Many thanks for this Menrva! I really wonder if TK left us any other hidden features.
  4. Stock missiles performance can be predictable when you witness large number of launches... A very common "bug" which I have experienced countless times is that when I launch AGM-45A/B against a fire control radar (Fansong, Low Blow, Straight Flush etc) the missile tends to lock on the EW radar of the site. I say "bug" because for some reason emitted radiation from EW radar attracts ARM more than the emitted radiation of the fire control radar and this is something that may occur during real operations (for oldest ARMs at least). Real radar operators are used to shut down radar emittion when they realize ARM threats. So, in this case our semi-arcade/semi-realistic game has an inherent "bug" which simulates what could have happened in real life. Most important thing is what Yakarov said... The stock game has been extensively modded throughout the years and when heavily modded mods mix with each other the more likely you will experience performance ranging from harmless to fatal.
  5. It's been a long time since I had any activity around here and I'm glad that in late 2023 there are still people who put effort to keep this game alive. Merry Christmas to everybody! Mirage F1EQ-2 S/N 4005/4009 circa 1987
  6. I'm not the expert here... Why do you think it's not possible?
  7. It's OK we just need to edit the MIG-21BIS.DATA to introduce this feature. If someone has experience with modding engines, you're welcome!
  8. It is known that MiG-21bis operates R-25 engine which introduces an emergency high thrust operation mode. This mode produces about 96.5 KN (22.000 lbs) of thrust and almost matches the french M53-P2 engine which was introduced almost a decade later! I was wondering if we can introduce this feature. Enabling this mode even for short periods of seconds during a close dogfight, MiG-21bis will be transformed to a very challenging opponent especially when armed with R-13M/R-60K missiles. This mode should have a time limit cause the thermal stress being produced by this mode overheats the engine and extended use may cause engine explosion.
  9. kharg_island_airport_001.jpg

    Great effort! Light modifications here and there like this can improve considerably the overall gaming experience.

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