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  1. kharg_island_airport_001.jpg

    Great effort! Light modifications here and there like this can improve considerably the overall gaming experience.
  2. Better models or higher resolutions skins (4096 at least) for the stock SF2 jets (especially the red side) would improve the in game experience. Also we need more accurate data concerning weapons (an update is on the works by Crusader) and RCS values. I would also like to see updated ground objects (stock models are bad) with more realistic data. You can not knock out a T-55 with some 20mm rounds fired from an aircraft.
  3. SA-4 Ganef SAM system/ ZRK 2K11 "Krug"

    The classic red side air defence cold war network is completed! Many thanks for this!
  4. If you mean "release delay" then you just leave it "0". That value is needed for other missile types which in real life they have a short delay between launch command and engine inception.
  5. Booster time in SF2 world concerning MANPDAS is the short time between launch and the inception of missile engine. Keep in mind that initially the missile is thrown out of the tube (with relatively low speed) and then missile engine starts. This short period is usually between 0.2-0.3 seconds in older MANPADS such as SA-7.
  6. It's not DCS here, it's SF2. Don't expect such level of limitations even in hard settings...
  7. SAAF Mirage IIIRZ modified to use AS-30
  8. My letter to CombatAce community and thank you everyone

    What you have already achieved is admirable. Despite the limitations that this syndrome imposes, you keep trying to achieve your goals. At the end of the day this is what really counts, not just for you, for everyone. You have my deep respect, I wish you the best. Konstantinos

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