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  1. It would be if SF2 supported multiplayer.
  2. Formation of 4 Mirage IIIEZ fly low level to avoid early radar acquisition... Their target is a training camp in Cahama. They dropped bombs Anti-aircraft artillery was expected... ZU-23s were seen firing from two different directions... SA-7 gunners were also present... However even though almost all missiles tracked the targets, Mirages accelerated and missiles missed... During the last raid a single Mirage released its ordnance and started accelerating while climbing... Only seconds before impact an another pilot saw a small missile getting very close... Mirage IIIEZ suffered critical damage and was shot down... While the formation was returning back to base they realized that an another aircraft had been hit by 23mm guns at right wing... Damaged aircraft landed safely and grounded for the necessary repairs. After some days it became operational.
  3. The issue here is that game doesn't support rocket artillery. Does anyone know how to make it work? AFAIK Snailman had been working on this and he had found a way to make rocket artillery functional but It's long time since I read a post from him.
  4. Unfortunatelly 3d modelling is not my sector, my knowledge there is quite limited but I suppose that the issue with helos has to do with the way the LOD was built. What matters to me is the fact that almost all players who countered the system described a performance which is close to real one!
  5. Any comments from your experience flying against SA-14 gentlemen?
  6. Glad to see some feedback posted. From your comments I feel that you enjoy that mod. @yakarov79 This is a well known issue... Unfortunately gunner can not distinguish between various types of targets. They only fire against every target the missile can track when in range... I wanted to make the system able to launch at longer ranges as there are verified Strela-2 kills against low speed aircrafts flying at 10,000 ft (3000 meters). But increasing the maximum launch range, the target can avoid the missile easier and hit probability decreases dramatically. So we need a good balance between launch range and hit probability. For the time being you can reduce max launch range to 2 km. I think this value is the best we can use. @Nightshade/PR Strela-2 is very effective against Skyhawk. IDF actually lost some Skyhawks from SA-7 missiles between 1969-73. @Stratos As in real life, this system (as every MANPADS) is a nightmare for choppers. Deploy flares as long as you operate within the engagement range. However during testing I have experienced a weird issue... Choppers had higher survival ratio (when hit) compared with aircrafts. For some reason many missiles were hitting the tail rotor without causing significant damage. There were cases when choppers had been hit 2 or 3 times and they were still flyable. Have you experienced something similar? @Gepard Yes... flying very fast and dropping flares are the safest ways to deal with SA-7 since its IR seeker was not designed to counter flares.
  7. Ok guys it's almost 2 years since Strela-2 mod was released. I just wanted to know if there is some feedback out there from players who flew missions in which this mod saw some action. I'm looking forward to receive your feedback.
  8. @strahi New Galeb and Jastreb models planning?
  9. You can always combine different mods as long as the contents of each mod do not conflict each other. Take a look on both mods and read carefully the read me files. Stary's HR tiles can replace only stock tiles if I remember correct. That means that if Wrench has put additional tiles then these tiles will be displayed along with Stary's HR tiles (resulting in two different tilesets being displayed in game). Also terrain_data.ini is of critical importance. If every mod has its own, then you must be able to choose which one must be used according to how you want to combine these two mods.
  10. Can't see visual difference between bmp and jpeg with maximum settings. If you want to decrease the total size then jpeg is the choice.
  11. Rheinmetall 20mm... Early 80s over Ovamboland...

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