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  1. Good work Gepard but I think you should keep some farm tiles without roads else we will have a terrain full of roads. Adding more villages on tiles is a good idea if you take into account that in general most SF2 terrains are not populated at all.
  2. That's a Christmas gift!!! A Huge thanks to Menrva and all others involved!

    Merry Christmas to everyone!
  4. Vietnam SAM Avoidance Tactic

    I don't remember the name of that techniqe byt it was effective mostly against the earlier SA-2B. The SA-2F which was also delievered to North Vietnam had an additional gyidance type which prevented the missile from hitting the groynd. Sorry for ysing ''y'' instead of ''u'' byt my keyboard is not so fynctional.
  5. I guess the only way to make sat based tiles is to take a huge satellite image and then divide it to tiles. However you need a quite huge sat image with an estimated size of some Gigabytes... Is the image editing software able to handle that huge image? Also you need to make an appropriate zoom to that huge image in order to make an appropriate map scale. I guess the tile size you use is 512x512.
  6. @ Righteous26 The blue side SAM issue has been discussed many times throught the years. They are not actually so functionable as the red side SAMs because stock game was made with red side SAM functionality only. As Wrench said there are already modified terrain_target.inis and terrain_types.inis which have added blue side SAM capability. If you add correctly this modifications you can even see vintage MIM-14 Hercules batteries targeting red side aircrafts. You can also modify them by yourself. The SAM functionality of this game is based on a central fire cotrol radar and six peripheral launchers. EW radars do not have any serious impact at least from my experience. The game engine is quite old and has numerous limitations. Pay attention on using generic terms and not calling directly a specific SAM type else the system goes into stealth mode and you will be targeted by "ghost" SAM batteries.
  7. Military Tank and Vehical guide

    Or you can use this site instead: https://tanks-encyclopedia.com Edited: Actually it's very interesting that modders focus also on ground objects mods. Even though this light sim was designed for controling aircrafts only it would be good enough to bring the ground battles to a more realistic level. Most of the times you will witness a tank being completely destroyed by just a single shot.
  8. Air Naval exercise over Aegean circa 1985
  9. HAF Noratlas

    Awesome!!! Many thanks!
  10. Noratlas, HAF camo skin

    Many thanks! Hellenic Noratlas were the only aircrafts which took off during the events of July 1974!
  11. SF2 Nord 2501 Noratlas Pack by Coyote Aerospace

    Thanks for this one! Any chance of making HAF skin? They were used in combat operation in Cyprus in 1974!

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