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  1. The overall design shows that initially it was built mostly for PVO needs, which means that the aircraft should take off, guided by GCI stations accelerating and climbing very fast reaching the intercept area in short time and then use BVR missiles to attack the target. Later versions (ML, MLA, MLD) were more maneuverable but still inferior to F-15, F-16.
  2. VVS Mig-23M found a target flying at high altitude and fired a single AA-7A Apex missile. The enemy F-4E tries to evade the missile but at high altitude its maneuverability is limited... AA-7A hit and destroyed the target
  3. If the goal of 25k is not reached, then what? In the page, there's nothing about returning money back in case the goal is not achieved. He should make a list of the features included on the possible new update. As many guys said, current SF2 runs fine on windows 10 and also new content can be made by modders. On the other hand he could dramatically improve current game by adding new features such as: - multiplayer, which is something that community always wanted, - more realistic Al behavior, - air to ground radar mode. It's extremely easy just pushing E and locking onto a ground target and then waiting for the AG missile to be within range. - more realistic radar environment. Aircraft and ground radars should be capable of tracking not only cruise missiles but all types of missiles depending on their RCS. - introducing anti-ARM capability. A ground radar station should have the ability to detect an incoming ARM and shut down in time making the ARM go ballistic. - air to air refuel, - fixing current bugs I'm not into software developing, so I don't know how much money are needed to make all these things happen but I think 25k can not be reached in two weeks especially in 2019 when SF2 players are much fewer. But again there's nothing concerning what will be included.
  4. That's pretty interesting... Do you know guys which terrains support rocket artillery and which MLRS models fire rockets with ballistic trajectory?
  5. Interesting project but as far as I know game engine does not support ground artillery. Snailman had made an interesting modification and he had made a video of a group of BM-21s firing against a target some kilometers away.
  6. Interesting... I didn't know that Yugoslavia had two underground air bases!
  7. Since Balkans terrain is WIP it would be a great addition if we could have the legendary Yugoslav underground air base of Željava!

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