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  1. A huge thanks for a mod which is a massive overall improvement and sets higher standards for others to follow! Maybe the most comprehensive add on package to date!
  2. Third Wire F-8 Crusader Upgrade & Enhancement

    Good job... we need enhancements like this in order to bring the game one step closer to realism/light sim level.
  3. RIP Chuck Yeager

    A legendary aviator! R.I.P. Chuck...
  4. covid-19

    Best wishes Gkabs... I hope you and your wife to recover as soon as possible.
  5. This is quite strange... Stock Vietnam terrain seems to have more effective air defenses than other terrains. I had made a similar topic some years ago: https://combatace.com/forums/topic/87040-vietnam-terrain-improves-red-side-sam-performance/?tab=comments#comment-700997 In Vietnam the SA-2F Guideline performs much better than others terrains.
  6. Night Building Texture Beta

    A step closer to realism... many thanks!
  7. Avro Shackleton MR2

    That one was missing... thanks!
  8. Russian source about the missile: http://airwar.ru/weapon/avv/k40d1.html
  9. Hellenic Air Force F-5A Volume I

    This one really raises SF2 standars... Thanks Sophocles for this high quality model!

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