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  1. Didn't know that there was a SEAD variant carrying the Kh-28 missile although according to rusian Yak-28 wiki it wasn't introduced in service. An another interesting thing there, is that Yak-28R and Yak-28PP were considered more effective than Mig-21R and Su-24MP respectivelly!
  2. There was an electronic warfare version of Yak-28, the Yak-28PP deppoyed in 1970. According to wikipedia it was the first ECM soviet aircraft. It would be interesting if someone knew operational history of this specific variant outside USSR. I guess it must be operated by soviet forces in DDR in the 70s.
  3. I guess you already know that this light sim has a number of game engine issues so keep in mind that even though you have found the perfect sounds that doesn't mean that you will experience the same sound quality in game. Long time ago I made this mod: It improves the stock AAA sounds for a number of guns (ZPU-2/4, ZU-23-2, Shilka, Oerlikon, Gepard etc). When time allows I will update it adding more guns. However the game engine can produce only mono wav sounds. So some pretty good stereo gun sounds I have found were downgraded to mono format. Now concerning the appropriate sound for each gun, I guess you should search and find which is more suitable for each one. However there's also something else you can do. Suppose that you have found a sound for a 800 rpm gun and you want to make it sound like 1000 rpm. You can use a sound edit software and speed it up 25%. (800 rpm + 800 rpm *25% = 1000 rpm) That's an easy way to make it sound at the desired rpm without spending much time looking for a new one. However the modified sound probably should sound less realistic.
  4. West of the Suez Canal on July 1970 EW Radars detected low altitude intruders. Fire control radar started tracking... In range... PUCK! V-601P 5V27 follows the engagement path... Missile gets closer and closer... Missile on channel 1 exploded and the aircraft was just hit. After that the intruder turned back and left the area.
  5. Updated SA-7 pack is available! Launch! Moments before being hit... Boom A second missile getting closer... Second missile hit the burning airframe with a third one coming... 3 out of 3 for SA-7 !!!
  6. You don't have to do something to make SA-6 site functional. SAM sites are generated randomly taking into account limited nations.ini and SAMs userlist. SA-9 is a launcher-vehicle classified as MOBILE_AAA which means that you can place them (via mission editor) wherever you want and they will be functional in any case cause they are not dependent on fire control radars like the SA-6. Systems like the SA-6 (or SA-2, SA-3, etc) have a central fire control radar (like Straightflush for SA-6) and 6 peripheral launchers. Sometimes placing SAM elements (SAM radar, SAM launchers) the one close to other via mission editor doesn't work and you will end up with a non functional site. I suggest using my SA-6 mod which includes all the known SA-6 cold war versions along with updated userlist.
  7. The upgraded AA-7 (R-24) should be similar in performance with AIM-7F which was an effective missile for its time. So even if they didn't operate the AA-10, they still had a good BVR missile.
  8. Quite interesting that turkish Mig-29s were modified to use AA-7 apex.
  9. Classic 70s IDF fighter bomber Cenepa terrain coming Typical SAM site installation somewhere in Middle East

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