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  1. Updated SA-7 pack is available! Launch! Moments before being hit... Boom A second missile getting closer... Second missile hit the burning airframe with a third one coming... 3 out of 3 for SA-7 !!!
  2. You don't have to do something to make SA-6 site functional. SAM sites are generated randomly taking into account limited nations.ini and SAMs userlist. SA-9 is a launcher-vehicle classified as MOBILE_AAA which means that you can place them (via mission editor) wherever you want and they will be functional in any case cause they are not dependent on fire control radars like the SA-6. Systems like the SA-6 (or SA-2, SA-3, etc) have a central fire control radar (like Straightflush for SA-6) and 6 peripheral launchers. Sometimes placing SAM elements (SAM radar, SAM launchers) the one close to other via mission editor doesn't work and you will end up with a non functional site. I suggest using my SA-6 mod which includes all the known SA-6 cold war versions along with updated userlist.
  3. The upgraded AA-7 (R-24) should be similar in performance with AIM-7F which was an effective missile for its time. So even if they didn't operate the AA-10, they still had a good BVR missile.
  4. Quite interesting that turkish Mig-29s were modified to use AA-7 apex.
  5. Classic 70s IDF fighter bomber Cenepa terrain coming Typical SAM site installation somewhere in Middle East
  6. Awesome Sophocles! The F-5A pack will be a must!
  7. I have been playing WoX/Strike Fighters series since 2008 and this is the first time I see something like that... While testing SAMs, a missile hit the skyhawk, didn't explode and wedged on the airframe! The white smoke you see is not contrail but it is produced from missile's engine! Has anyone else experienced something similar?
  8. Great! Do you plan to release?
  9. Better use the terrain which is included in the complete pack. Adding an another terrain (of the same region) you may experience bugs or crashes.
  10. How to create a new mod folder tutorial for SF2 View File This is a tutorial which I made long time ago for a friend who had installed SF2 and wanted to play multiple campaigns. Since he didn't know how to create mod folders he requested some help and that's the reason I made it. There's a related post at SF2 Knowledge Base which can be found here: https://combatace.com/forums/topic/62302-what-is-the-mod-folder/ However this tutorial is far more instructive since it was made for people who are unaware of how to install mods. I decided to upload it since it might be useful for begginers. Submitter tiopilotos Submitted 05/31/2018 Category Utilities / Editors  
  11. Missile Range Simulator

    Very useful for weapon editing. Many thanks!

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