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I landed my plane properly – and yet it counts as a "crash land"…

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I am quite new to OFF and have the following problem:


Sometimes I land my plane in QC or in campaign mode – and when the plane comes to a halt I am kicked out of the mission and the landing counts as crash land with the plane destroyed – although I landed properly in the game!


How can I fix that?


When in the game nothing happened to my aircraft, not the tiniest scratch, actually…



Another problem is, that I am always kicked out of the game when I really crash so that I almost never see the actual damages, i.e. when I crash the application ends as soon as my plane touches the ground; or when I collide in the air with another aircraft there is only half a second when I see my plane burning and collapsing – but then the application ends and I am back at the screen that usually appears after a mission.


This thread here sounds just like my problem, although the landing problem isn't mentioned there:





Is that fixable?


And how can I recognize beforehand if my normal landing will count as a crash landing or not?


Other planes crash normally – they collapse at the ground or start burning and fall all the way to the ground, etc. – just my player plane reacts strangely…



Thank you in advance for your help!



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