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Thanks for all the help guys. Ive gotten alot of great advice as I climbed back into the cockpit. Last night I played acouple missions with the older jets as instructed. But as I was trying to dink around to get the stick to my liking, out of habit I kept hitting ESC to try to get to options to make a control change here or there. So by accident 3 times after takeoff trying to make adjustments I inadvertently quit the mission thinking I could get to options by hitting ESC mid mission. :censored: (BTW we have some hysterical smileys here)


Anyway I finally got to the engadgment in my single mission and was promptly shot down, so still gotta work on my gun fighting.


But after that I just jumped into an instant action and was in a f-4 and managed to splash 3 migs with AIM-7s and one with guns, and I would say a half with a AIM-9, the mig blew up from another friendly's hits before my missile hit it.


All in all great fun in the instant action I made it back and landed. Alittle sloppy and had to go around once as I came in too hot. ( been playing IL-2 1946 landing missions too much lately and use to the slow flying dive bomber lol) On my first aproach I couldnt even put my gear down by the time i was a mile away from the runway lol so flew a circle to bring the speed down lined up again and bounced her in lol.

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To avoid Esc-pressing accidents go to controls customization and set End misson to Ctrl+Esc. Much safer. Don't forget that Shift+Esc is ejection. Without any visual effects, but still helps in campaigns.

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