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Where to get EAW

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Once in a galaxy far far away I owned EAW! Things moved on and EAW went to the CD rack in the sky and my computer went through a road to Damascus convertion to XP.


The new developments for EAW look fantastic and I would love to fly it again. Couple of questions if i may.


Where can I now pick up a copy of EAW? and how can it be got to run on XP?



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Hi DQ,


there are no real issues with XP and EAW other than the problems created by some card drivers but they are completely overcome with the d3dwindower program, which is a super little utility that lets you run the game in a window which seems to have pretty well sorted the 7217 and the garbled screen issues the game had with some drivers. Don't forget if you are an online player come over to Gameranger and look out for us playing most days there. Just host a game and wait for a while and you will soon build up a friends list of eaw players. The online game has come on a long way since the original 1.2 version and is a great game even with its somewhat dated graphics.


there are usually several eaw disks for sale on ebay most days... a quick check today gives this :











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