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  1. Falcon 4 Microprose

    I'm going to make sure my latest version of BMS is backed up somewhere. If they try to improve the sim in the spirit of the original Falcon, more power to them. If they go the TW route and go all arcadey on me I will probably pass.
  2. I have the same issue with Win10 and SF1. It must be a directx issue. I don't have a good answer for you but I share your pain. SF2 runs like a bat outta hell as does FE2.
  3. Maybe one of the weapon packs? https://combatace.com/files/category/340-weapon-packs/
  4. Real life problem

    My sincere condolences. Family comes first.
  5. Graphics problem, hard to describe

    See screenshot. What do you have the various graphics options set to? "Unlimited" is an option but it takes some really beefy hardware to run that way. Like Migbuster said, try setting everything to LOW and see what happens.
  6. Graphics problem, hard to describe

    Age of the laptop? Is it overheating? You mention resolution. Are you running any graphic options at UNLIMITED? It sounds a lot like a card issue. IMHO.
  7. Install/Run Jetfighter IV: Fortress America on modern PCs?

    No special software just Windows Boot Manager. Here is an article that can get you started. https://www.techadvisor.com/article/728246/how-to-dual-boot-windows.html There are plenty more examples out there in internet land.
  8. Install/Run Jetfighter IV: Fortress America on modern PCs?

    Interesting project. I don't remember the preferred graphics driver for this? D3D? Glide? You may need to google around for a graphics wrapper depending on what graphics settings can be selected. For games like this I have a multiboot rig so I can run Win XP and Win 7 native rather than under a VM. Not sure if you have that option. Sorry I can't be more help at the moment.
  9. Lancer

    Be vewy, vewy careful............................... ;)
  10. If I came off as overly critical I sincerely apologize. I do sympathize with the challenges of a small business. Thanks.
  11. Ok. I get it. Not really an intuitive drop-down with only one entry :) Thanks much for the clarification!
  12. I am having the same issue on both Chrome and Firefox. Some links work, some don't.
  13. Win10 Upgrade -- what can I expect??

    As far as I know the reader is still free. Did you try to get an updated version from Adobe?
  14. Win10 Upgrade -- what can I expect??

    Did you try going here and clicking "Update Now"? https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10
  15. Win10 Upgrade -- what can I expect??

    Lots of hits on Google for this which is never a good sign. Did you try running it as an admin?

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