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Interesting Campaign substitution

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Over the last couple of days, I've converted the Campaign.inis and Campaigndata.inis for the four Campaigns included with FE2, replacing aircraft with proper models, where possible, by using downloaded aircraft from here, and Capun's site. Some interesting results. Only six types could not be replaced with a proper model, as follows:



;AircraftType=Halberstadt CL2




;AircraftType=AW (I'm assuming TK means an Armstrong Whitworth FK8)


I used the Halberstadt CLIV as my own substitute for the CL2, because I'd rather have the CLIV in these units, rather than the DFW C5. If there was a proper Halberstadt CL2 out there, then some 80-85% of substituted aircraft would have a correct model in the campaigns. Second most numerous missing type is the Spad 16. If this were replaced, some 90-95% of aircraft would be correct in the campaigns.


Haven't had much time to test these, but so far all the new types show up, and I'm able to fly both the Pfalz d3 and Pfalz d3a in campaigns (thanks, Quack!). It provides for a much more varied campaign, so I'm hoping I won't run into problems. This is a short list of aircraft I've been able to place into the campaigns:

Pfalz D3

Pfalz D3a


Hannover CL2

Hannover CL3



Halberstadt CL4 (yes, one unit actually used them)


Can't remember if there were any others, but this group filled a lot of slots. My thanks to the modders and skinners for making this possible.





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