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  1. I've been happily dropping staff cars and work trucks into cities and villages all over my maps using Mue's target editor. Great stuff, Stephen. Thank you.
  2. Damned Spads. Looks like I'm in for a walk.
  3. 'No Friend but the Mountains'

    Thank you for sharing these.
  4. Helicopter...how can people say not .

    Obviously a shape shifting alien craft, with a tail boom and rotor attached to disguise it as a helicopter.
  5. Hebrew lesson

    Inflection is everything. Which is why humans usually get better results when they talk face to face.
  6. If I remember what I've read in the past, this is an open mesh in the 3d model. It would have to be corrected by a 3d person, and that would only be possible if they had the original max file. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  7. I've only created one skin I consider okay, and I used Gimp to do it. Gimp is easy to use when it comes to layering. One way I learned when it came to weathering was to place an aluminum colored layer underneath my camo layers, and then use the eraser function on the camo layer, with a cracked paint brush I downloaded from Deviant Art, and the jitter function in the Gimp brushes menu to scatter "scratches" in the paint. I don't know if Paint.net has these types of functions, I highly recommend Gimp, because it's very easy to get decent, if not perfect, results. A layer of gray along panel lines, using a vegetation brush, and the jitter function, along with a Gaussian blur, and a reduction in opacity, creates a good accumulation of "dirt" in the panel lines. Hope some of this helps. ps You can create brushes for Gimp. There are instructions on the net for how to do it. Another idea would be to create a "dent" brush to show small dents in the aluminum.
  8. "AnimationID=-1 < BTW what does this actually do when activated as it is with some spits ?" Doesn't that have something to do with which way the prop turns? If someone already answered that, my apologies.
  9. No idea. I use gimp 2.8 for everything and never seen it happen. That is weird.
  10. Some thoughts about FFF

    Quite a while ago, when climate scientists first warned us about warming, I spent some time thinking about it for myself, and came to the conclusion that they were right, and how, at each point in our history we got here. We didn't mean too, but we did it because we do things in this world without being aware of the connections between everything. We always have, throughout our history. The only thing that saddens me is how different we are than my father's generation. My father, my mother, my uncles, my aunts, they all grew up during the great depression, when there was no social safety net, and then came WW2. What did they do? They all volunteered to fight, or serve. They left friends around the world. It took my father 40 years to tell me he won the Bronze Star. It took my uncle 40 years to tell me he was wounded in the Hurtgen Forest. Why? Because they didn't boast. They weren't about themselves. They always wanted something better for their children than they had experienced, and that's where we have failed them. They were, I think, the greatest generation. We are not, and never will be known as such. I have had people say it to my face, that whatever world we leave behind is something our children will just have to deal with, and they don't care. What a shift in human character that is. Miss you, Mom, Dad, because now our children need you. They don't need us.
  11. Have a safe and blessed holiday!

    Enjoy your day, however you enjoy it. Peace to everyone.
  12. Siemens Schuckert D-IV. One of the original European style interceptors. Smallest airframe wrapped around the biggest engine possible. Besides, I like the thought of flying a beer keg with wings. Snoopy. Watch out. Your doghouse is no match for that.
  13. This is far from perfect, but you're welcome to give it a try. It creates only numbers, and the letters U,S,A, and F. It was created using a site called Calligraphy, I think. It's been so long ago that I did this, I can't remember. If the alignment is off, it's not the Calligraphy site's fault, it's my old eyesight. Duh. Still had the pdf. The site is called Calligraphr. SabreAllNew-Regular.ttf
  14. Cold War in miniature

    I love the way miniatures games combine historical game play and modelling. I've always loved this form of gaming, and I'm just beginning to get back into it. I've found three recently: Post Captain, by ODGW, Clash of Sabres, and an old Avalon Hill favorite of mine, Gunslinger.
  15. realSKY Environment

    Beautiful mod. Threw it into my Battle of Britain mod. Loving it. Gorgeous aerial environment.

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