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    Great download. Battle of Britain is my favorite SF2 installation. This beautiful work just makes it that much better. Thank you.
  1. It's what the Voodoo was looking for. It's all part of a new sequel to the movie "The Final Countdown" called "The Really Final Countdown."
  2. Dumb question, but, is your skin folder named in exactly the same way as your skin's .ini? I typoed one once and got the black skin result because the sim couldn't "find" the skin. One letter was all it took.
  3. Been looking around, but I can't find any source with citations that mentions these two as knowing each other, or any of the other pilots you mentioned. The only cited sources I can find say she learned at the Caudron School in France. Also, I find no source that mentions Bullard being involved in aviation at the time she was learning to fly, he had become a jazz musician, and was trying to acquire a bistro.
  4. With a touch of sadness, I locked my old Battle of Britain terrain into a back up folder, but only a touch, because the new Battle of Britain terrain is absolutely gorgeous. Can you believe the way this looks?
    Beautiful terrain, Gepard. I have to slightly tone down my graphics settings, but that's because the system I'm using isn't the newest. I highly recommend this terrain to anyone out there who loves the Battle of Britain era. Great stuff.
  5. Claimed a Heinkel as damaged. Slightly shot about. Had to dead stick in along the coast. Not sure what airfield. Hope they have tea on.
  6. June 1940. Playing with some new airfield modifications. Giving an old terrain some new life.
  7. I create tgas to use as decals in Gimp 2.0 all the time, and never, ever, have problems with them not showing up, unless I have the path wrong, or misname them in an ini. There is something else going on here, not Gimp.
  8. The only difference between your .tgas and Thirdwire's is size. Yours are 39x39 pixels, Thirdwire's are 32x32. I don't know if that's important, or not. I've tried yours in both the mods menu folder, and in the main menu folder, and they don't show up. It might be a size issue, if nothing else.
  9. I never imagined, growing up reading stories of WW1 aviation, that this would wind up being one of my favorite aircraft to fly in simulation. I always thought it would be the Camel. I was wrong...
  10. New Aircraft

    Chaffeur pour les artilleurs. Probably not a good translation, but it captures the idea behind this plane.
  11. New Flanders

    Gorgeous. Thank you for all your hard work.

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