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  1. Thank you, JosefK. I'll check it out. I'm interested in any accounts I can read from any of the nations that flew these aircraft. They're all just fighter jocks, after all. I hope more and more of their accounts will be translated, for poor single tongue speakers like myself. Czechs, Poles, East Germans, Egyptians, anyone who's flown them in a military setting. If anyone has leads to translated accounts, even just magazine articles, I'd love to hear of the connection.
  2. I know. I'm trying to find out if Russian accounts have been translated. I'm hoping some have.
  3. I know I'm going to touch off some people here, but so be it. When it comes to Soviet aircraft, I would really like to read, in English, real accounts, from real ex-Soviet pilots, about what it was like to fly their cold war aircraft. What could these planes do? What couldn't they do? Good, old, fighter pilot tales, tall ones included, I've heard enough tall tales from Americans over the course of my sixty-five years. I'm tired of reading the same old stories, which often quote each other as sources, and when they're contradicted by ex-Soviets, the ex-Soviets must be lying about their own stuff. I've lived long enough to know that Napoleon was right: History is a set of lies; agreed upon. I've heard from the Western pack of liars all my life. Now, I want to hear from the other pack of liars, so I can re-write the agreement, simply for my own amusement. Anyone know of any good books in English? Sorry, I can read Russian.
  4. Glad you got it fixed. I can appreciate the lack of space problems.
  5. If you own the installation file, then I don't see why you would have to. Simply open the installation file you purchased and let it do its work. If you let it put the game where it wants to, it will work fine.
  6. Alan Bean passes away at 86

  7. I encountered the airfield issue once in SF2, don't know if it applies to SF1, haven't used that in years, but the problem was a misplaced airfield when I looked at that airfield in Mue's terrain editor. For some reason the runway's position was some distance away from the airfield's location in the terrain's target ini. I encountered the wrong take off direction once in a mod that I downloaded to use in SF1 many years ago and that turned out to be a wrong cat file called out in the Terrain's ini. The sim wanted the Desert cat, and I didn't have that yet, so I had changed it the GermanyCE cat, which I did own, but that put all the airfields in the wrong orientation. I could only correct it by springing for SF1 itself, to get the Desert cat.
  8. Wasn't it Mobil? Obligatory screenshot:
  9. ThirdWire Site

    Not working, except for old patch downloads. Can't connect to anything else dealing with pc.
  10. I know I can't make a beer can in blender, but for the sake of those who can, can we elevate Mue to Modder God status, or something? Thank you, Mue.
  11. When you create a mission in the Single Mission menu, are you choosing the terrain you want to fly in from the drop down menu? The game will default to whatever map matches the cat file associated with your newly installed terrain. You would have to choose the Peninsula Iberica terrain from the drop down menu one time for the game to default to it, if I remember correctly (I'm old).
  12. I may be misunderstanding your question, but I don't think you can use Mue's editor to place an airfield in an open space on a terrain and get it to work. I've never used Thirdwire's terrain editor to flatten airfield terrain, but I'm pretty certain that's the only way you can build a new airfield without all kinds of problems. Mue's editor is the tool to use if you want to place objects at an existing airfield, or move things around, but it can't successfully create an airfield space, only Thirdwire's terrain editor can do that. I apologize if I misunderstood your question. I have to head to work now, but I'll try to post more about Mue's editor and how to use it, if I get the chance later.
  13. Barbara Bush age 92

  14. R Lee Ermey Dead at 74


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