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Submerged SS pic

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Kinda gives ya the willies thinking something this big is cruising past ya just below the surface. Neat shot though. Even on a surface ship, DD-971, Ive spotted subs' hull forms underwater in the clear pacific. We used to operate occasionally with US and allied subs, usually chasing them. I used to think if I could see them, it oughts be pretty easy for a plane to spot one once he was in the area. Even a hundred feet down might not be enough if the water is clear enough. Any comments from our webfoot submariners? You guys probably know what it was like, eh?





PS. Also a cool link at bottom of photo for the RIMPAC2004 exercises...check it out. GO NAVY! ;)

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Schools of fish can cast shadows like this and from 3,000ft look very much like a submerged sub. You don't get a MADMAN off of a school of fish though. ;)

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