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  1. Wow......DCS Blackshark

    Yeah, i hear ya viper and I understand completely. You guys across the pond were forced to play around with American aircraft for a long time so I'm glad you guys finally have something to get excited about. My biggest complaint is with the American designers not stepping up, but I guess those days are over now that Consoles make all the money. I know there are supposed to be "projects" on the horizon, but there always seems to be projects on the horizon with the horizon never in sight. Perhaps once the A10 shows up in DCS i will feel a little better.
  2. Wow......DCS Blackshark

    I think it's time we had some new stuff developed by American comanies. DCS Blackshark looks very nice and it feels very polished out of the box so kudos for that, but I am so sick of having Russian hardware shoved down my throat. We are forced to buy this stuff because we have no choice. Microsoft can't seem to put out a decent combat sim and nobody else has stepped up since the Baltimore group fell apart. What we are left with is modding 10 year old software. TK's stuff is very good and he is a very good sim designer, BUT in this day and age it's all about online multiplayer and TK has dropped the ball in that area. If TK ever get a 24 player multiplayer setup with a mission builder then I'm all over it, but the single player AI only stuff only goes so far. Sorry for the vent, just fustrated about everything coming from Russia now.
  3. A Tribute to MonroeQ

    Monroe, it's been a blessing to have someone as special as you with us on a nightly basis. We never stop learning from you and you always remind us what honor and courage are all about. You Sir are THE MAN!
  4. Movie Lines that make great signatures...

    "Alright, you may deal directly with me now, Col. Nakil Nakesh" - Col. Nakil Nakesh -Iron Eagle
  5. Accurate flight models without bias? I guess BOB won't have any US planes for a while so bias shouldn't be an issue for a while.
  6. Harley Vs Honda

    And what's the first thing a yamaha owner does when they buy their bike? They strip all labels and tags off of it. Then ride around reassuring themselves that it is just as good as a harley. Deep down you want a Harley and one day i hope you get one. Trust me, it's worth the wait.
  7. This is an old thread, but I thought I would add that with the next gen study sim Fighter Ops comming out next year combat sims might be on the come back. There will never be a market for flight sims in the console market, but as long as there is a PC market and a fan base there are sales to be made if it is done right. Armchair pilots are not stupid and they are not going to spend money on garbage. We want realism and we want features in our flight sims. When developers take shortcuts we see it right away and let them know it. If a sim is done right then people stand behind it to the very end and then some. I am hoping Fighter Ops picks up where the great old Janes flight sims left off, but we will see. So far it looks promising.
  8. VFA195/VF10 is opening it's doors for new members at this time. We had a sort of freeze on accepting new members for a while because of beta testing for Lomac, but recently decided to open the doors and see if we could boost up our roster a bit. With the announcement of Pacific Fighters we decided to adopt a more historic Naval squadron for that sim while still maintaining the VFA195 for the modern air combat genre. After carefull consideration it was decided that the VF10 Grim Reapers were the best choice for us in Pacific Fighters. As many of you know we are a pretty tight nit group with a lot of real world and virtual experience among our ranks. We pride ourselves on putting team first and having a good time no matter what we happen to be doing. There is no requirement as to how much time you must spend online nor are there any mandatory meetings,etc. To be quite honest many of us are prior military and the last thing we want to do in our spair time is report for muster on the quarterdeck. We fly for fun, not points and we welcome anyone who is looking for a mature atmosphere to cut up and have fun in. If you think you might be interested please visit http://www.vfa195.com/vf10/news.php let us hear from you. This is a group with a lot of history under it's belt and any new members are brought in under a grace period in order to see if you will fit in with the group. At the end of this grace period if all is well and you fit the mold then you will be asked to join us on a perminant basis. We look forward to hearing from you virtual aces soon.
  9. Joining the Marines?

    Lex, why not get college under your belt bud?? Life is much better in the military as an Officer. Spending 4 years in school also gives you a buffer of time to show them that you have recovered and are stable. I feel for ya because too many times young guys don't realize how things early in life can effect you from that point on. Like everyone else has said, you stay honest and maintain your integrity and you will overcome this and find your place. If you really want to be a Marine then the only thing holding you back is you. Everyone here has given you advice and now it's up to you to make the right decision. Best of luck to you and I think we are all pulling for you. Never give up, never quit.
  10. Superior Female Beings.

    Jeff Foxworthy said it best "I was laying in bed while she read a book and she said- I'm Cold- and then I got up and started to walk toward the thermostat in the hallway and it hit me. Whoa! how did she do that?"
  11. Helllllloooooo From The Persian Gulf

    Be good Gator. Bring me back something from the Gedunk dude.lol ;)
  12. Let the games begin

    I'm really trying to get into it, but after watching one day of events, I'm bored already.lol When do they start rolling the rock across the floor? Now that's an event I can't wait to see.lol Can we bring back Gladiators and Lions??? I might stay interested then.
  13. Because Im a Sailor

  14. Superior Female Beings.


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