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Full screen (1680 x 1050) -1080 HD - Fully voiced OFF Video

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Obviously posts about videos go in the Video Sticky thread, which has been enjoying a great deal of use. However on this one occassion, I wanted to toss out a special invite to check out a brand new video that I just posted in the Video sticky section. It has taken a considerable amount of time, effort and a little bit of money to be able to finally produce the quality of video that does OFF: BH&H some justice. What makes it different from any previous work that I have done are two things that, I feel, greatly add to the immersion as well as help do a far better job of showing off what Over Flanders Fields: Between Heaven & Hell has to offer as a WWI combat flight simulator.


First - It was filmed Full Screen - 1680 x 1050 and then edited and exported in 1080 HD mode. This means you can watch it full screen and it looks as clear as possible, much like when we play. It's by far the clearest video I have been able to produce and it was made to be watched Full Screen.


Second - It's fully voiced acted. No more trying to read the text while watching the action and feeling like you are missing stuff which took away from the immersion of the experience.


The downside is it is rather large. Well over 650MBs, so please be sure to pause it. Select 1080 HD mode, expand it to full screen and then wait for the red bar to fill up completely before pressing Play again. That will give you the smoothest playback experience. Here is the link to the Video thread sticky. I hope you enjoy it. Look for Hellshades Campaign Video #20, please.










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