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  1. I get my own Greatest Hits thread?! Whoot!
  2. I still fly! I bounce around between various games and hobbies. Skyrim, a couple MMOs (WoW or Rift, though not nearly as much anymore), table top role playing with Dungeons & Dragons (5e) and yes, absolutely WOFF UE. There just isn't another WWI flight sim that comes close for single player campaigns, though Pat Wilson did much to improve RoF with his PWCG. I might not touch WOFF UE for a month sometimes, but then when I climb back into the cockpit, I'm often stuck there for an entire weekend and after hours on week days.
  3. I will make no claim to "know" the answer to this but as a somewhat tongue in cheek response, I will offer up this. Sometimes after a parent tells there 4 year old to stop running in the house 5 or 6 times, they just let the kid run, knowing when he or she slams into the wall and feels the pain, maybe then they will get it. Sadly for us humans, all too often we seem to "prefer" to learn from bad experiences rather than from good advice. ;)
  4. Rise Of Flight Screeshots

    Cool screenies. I always love RoFs damage model. It's very visceral!
  5. What aircraft is this?

    How goes Age of Sail, Olham?
  6. The holes in my wings came from diving too fast causing structural failure. DR1s clearly have dive limitations - not as bad as Alb DIIIs - but still there and I overplayed my hand in following him down. OvS released some new Alb DIII OAW skins (on the website) so I featured a couple in campaign dogfights. Just started an OAW campaign, picked a couple of skins and flew. I think well over 70? new ones to choose from. Back in my regular campaign I got into a furball with some Brisfits. and a furball with Camels over enemy territory
  7. The amount of time varies. All of these videos are from the past month. Tons more on my youtube channel.
  8. All of these are in campaign mode and I am in Jasta 11. Incredible sim, isn't it? Ok...I got these Tripehounds now. Camels on the other hand...not so much. LOL DH5s kick my ass too. Ahh...my first Fokker DR1! And the very next day they hand me back an Albatross, taking the DR1s off the front line. I presume there was a historical reason for that.
  9. Thanks Hauksbee, More great dogfights below. More Tripehound fights, but I do much better out of the DIII and in the DV
  10. It did save my life, but I landed dead stick behind enemy lines. Not before shooting down an enemy observation balloon though that was near the road I chose. I had enough speed built up to make a second pass at the balloon and that was enough to do her in. I bet the Tommys were not happy about that!
  11. Yes, the Tripehouds were brutal! Never saw this happen before...WOFF UE still surprises.
  12. Sometimes they just dont respond. Maybe a gun jam? frozen in fear?
  13. I'll just post em here, Starting from uploads I did a month ago. My Alb campaign I will post more later.
  14. 1. That is the Baron, yes. 2. He was struggling to climb against me. Unless he had energy built up from a dive, I seemed to be better at climbing. 3. I don't know who has the better max ceiling, JFM would probably be the expert there. 4. The Spad did tumble. He may have stalled out but once in awhile I think the FM may go a little 'wonky'. May have been that too.

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