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  1. Let's try something with some stronger wings so I stop killing myself with my own ham handedness on the stick. SE5A?
  2. Jumped by Bosch while escorting a recon flight. We stayed behind to keep Jerry occupied while they continued their mission. Having handled the Albs, I try to catch up with my Recon flight. Instead, I come across a pair of Strutters being swarmed by Albs. It looked like a shark feeding frenzy, so I flew in hoping to give the Strutters some desperately needed relief.
  3. So I am flying escort for the two seaters and I notice that all the N17 scouts are below them, not above. Kinda strange, so I climb like hell to at least be a single plane for top cover. Sure enough while over occupied France, a flight of Albs drops down on me from even higher altitude. The good news is that I distracted them from the two seaters I was protecting. The bad news was they all swarmed me! I'm not sure how many of them there were. Maybe five? Finally, at least one of my wingmen joined to help and an incredible dogfight ensued while my recon flight made good their escape.
  4. Thanks elephant. The wing structure failed due to over stressing it. Both the Sopwith Pup and Triplane's wins are more fragile (it seems to me) under WOFF UE than they were in previous editions. Perhaps I will have better luck with N17s. Squadron Leader turned quickly towards a pair of Hun DFWs, but two of our own collided in the sudden direction change, sending one of them to a fiery death before we even got close. On patrol, we get jumped from above by some Alb DIIs. My V struts are creaking just a bit too often for my comfort. If the Huns don't kill me, probably the V struts will. /sigh
  5. Trying my hand at an N17 Campaign. I am terribly unskilled in them so I imagine the Huns will make quick sport of me soon enough.
  6. So during my Christmas "break" from work, I decided to hop back into my old favorite plane, the Sopwith "Tripehound", and start a campaign. First mission out and it was truly an incredible experience. Only WOFF UE brings the war so much to life for me. Some missions are long and dull. Nothing happens. This wasn't one of those missions. On a side note, kudos to everyone who had a hand in creating the scenery in WOFF UE, including modders like Robbert Wiggins and his amazing Cloud Mod. "Tripehound" Mission Part I And literally 30 seconds after that video ended and I thought I was just going to return to base, this happened. "Tripehound" Mission Part II
  7. Olham, No doubt it's a minimalist approach. The things I find exciting about it though are that in the 64 bit, DX11 engine, they will be able to put a lot more assets in the air than before, for the potential to create a good dynamic single player campaign. Of course, a ton more planes, vastly improved AI and a lot of historical research also needs to be done before that is a real possibility, but at least its a first step. The other thing I find exciting is I hope there will be a "halo" effect for WOFF UE. If 777 is advertising Flying Circus as one of it's BoX "options", then people who fly it and don't like it might start doing some Google searches for a better SP WWI Campaign sim. I believe that happened plenty of times with RoF so it may well happen again.
  8. Level 12 MU? You are tossing out the big heat spells now! Kudos for keeping them alive for so long. Will the next campaign pick up at level 12 with the same characters or will you be starting over?
  9. For years..strike that...for decades, all I ever gamed with was either minis on wet erase battle maps or pure "Theater of the Mind" and you know what? I always had a great time. Honestly, I think what really makes or breaks a game is the quality of the people that you are playing with. If they are fun and creative, the game will be great. Everything else is just window dressing. It adds to the fun but isn't necessary for it. I started with D&D Basic and AD&D too. I gotta say though, 5e is in my opinion by far the best rule set to date. If you ever have the chance, find a local game store and see if there is an open seat at a D&D Encounters game (single session professional produced module). I bet you will have a great time!
  10. Soppy, I don't really know what the specs required to run CLoD are. I'm running a 6700K, 16GB RAM, GTX1080, dual 1Tb SSD drives and a G-Sync monitor - so most things run pretty well. CLoD certainly runs like a champ with those specs. I'm not sure how big of a performance hit a more budget friendly card would do. Sorry. :(
  11. So my other major addiction (besides Skyrim SE) is Dungeons & Dragons 5e table top gaming. I finally completed painting my somewhat expansive collection of miniatures and have started Dungeon Mastering (DMing) my own games. Everyone seems to really enjoy the immersive 3D gaming experience. Does anyone else play D&D? What edition? How often do you game?
  12. Here is the official trailer for the 4.5 release - which when released on Steam will be called Cliffs of Dover - Blitz Edition. I have to say, it certainly does look immersive. As I already own CLoD, it's going to be hard not to download and install this update for free. And for the new flier - CLoD is only $9.99.
  13. Evidently some time ago the Team Fusion guys got access to the code for the much maligned IL2 Cliffs of Dover WWII flight sim and have been hard at it modding the hell out of it and fixing bugs. They plan to release the a free version (4.5) on Steam, available to anyone who has already purchased the main sim. A future (paid) V5.0 is in the works with additional features and an North African Campaign. I wasn't impressed with CLoD when it first released but this recent video sure looks like they have done some amazing work. I even like the way her flies and dogfights. :)
  14. I have been looking at some of the IL2 Battle of Kuban videos and I have to say the scenery doesn't look sterile anymore like it did in RoF and the eye candy in general is certainly taken up several notches. But I can only seem to find MP videos. Doesn't seem like - for whatever reason - people are capturing video of the Career / Campaign mods. Hopefully that's not a sign of the quality of the AI.
  15. Indeed. My only concern is if they haven't upgraded the AI since RoF. No matter how 64 bit, DX11ish the graphics and performance is, if it's the same old "Split S to the deck and then turn circles until shot down" AI routine, it will be boring as hell. Here's hoping it isn't just the graphics engine that's been upgraded.

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