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  1. Life in the forum after such a long absence. Who knew? I have FC and they have the first 4 planes out. It's very pretty and the FM and DM seem good. Certainly tons of potential. AI is better than RoF but still mostly a 1 trick pony, unlike WOFF UE. Split S dives , I guess but at least no slow wide circling that I have seen. FC Vol 1 makes no mention of a campaign at all. It's literally 10 planes and a Quick Mission builder when they finish. They could do more in the future, but since the planes are being done by a third party company, the likelihood of them developing an entire campaign would seem less than optimal. Maybe Pat Wilson will be able to create a campaign if they get a few more volumes out. For single player goodness, WOFF UEs dynamic campaign, 80+ planes, thousands of skins and its situational value based AI doesn't have anything that can compare to it that I can see. This is me with some craptastic Camel flying and shooting skills in FC. As I said, it does look beautiful and there is no doubt it has tons of potential. I would be happy if they decided to put more meat on the bones in the future.
  2. This forum is pretty much tumbleweeds anymore, Might want to try the SimHQ forum. Its much more active these days. http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/forums/372/1/Wings_Over_Flanders_Fields
  3. Wow. An announcement that DX11 is being worked on for WOTR and AnKor has released a mod for WOFF UE that kills blue triangles and speeds up FPS and nothing. I guess maybe because it is summer, fewer people are flying or checking the forum.
  4. And they are back....sorta. Ok, the people certainly aren't flooding back to the forum, but the devs are going to make an official patch release version of a mod AnKor developed to kill the blue triangles and simultaneously speed up FPS. I've been using the mod a couple days now, as has Stache and a few others. The general opinion is that it is outstanding. The sim feels more rock solid flying now than ever before. Oh...and AnKor let slip he is working on DX11 for WOTR. One can only hope that he will succeed and they can port it back into WOFF UE at some point. It looks like WOFFs best days are indeed still ahead of it. How cool is that?
  5. Lowered Air Density settings to Light (from medium). The result for me has been liquid smooth 90 to 118 FPS air combat over the front with all other WOFF UE settings Maxed, while running in 4k. Plenty of targets still in the air at Light settings in the late war. Oct 1918 F2b encounter over the front. Man, I love this sim all over again. There is a slight screen jump at around 2:45. That was from me moving my head out of the view of TrackIR, causing the view to reset to default.
  6. Late October 1918 JG III dogfight over the front. Max WOFF UE settings (all 5s and HIGH settings) except Air Density is Light). 90 - 118 FPS during combat. AnKor has said that a modified version of his mod will be released as an official WOFF UE patch when the devs get time. Great news for everyone but especially anyone who enjoys late war campaigns.
  7. It has been noted by a few of us who have used it that this new little bit of magic from AnKor is amazing enough that it ought to be a new official patch for WOFF UE. It's a noticeable improvement on several fronts.
  8. I was flying last night until 2am and never saw a blue triangle. Maybe 2 super tiny, gone faster than you could be sure it was there - blue triangles at most. Frame rates appear to have improved again with this as AnKor says it takes more work off the CPU. A few vids to see the effects for yourself.
  9. From a post on simHQ. Immediate benefits and something wonderful to look forward to. The reason those blue triangles appear is that CFS3 engine incorrectly assumes that those terrain tiles should be out of view and doesn't render them. It doesn't depend on GPU or your config, it is purely a bug in their algorithm which runs on CPU. I don't have a direct solution for this, but I have something that may reduce the issue and improve the performance at the same time. I've already mentioned this tweak on sim-outhouse some time ago but it had little effect on the "stock" CFS3, however I believe it may work better WOFF because WOFF terrain is more detailed. You can try it if you feel adventurous Here is a zip file with compositetexturebudgets.xml - the file goes into WOFF\OBDWW1 Over Flanders Fields\terrains folder, but don't forget to make a backup of the original file there. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AvmtwF9vPtwVgYoiGbgXo8KXiEzxUQ Additionally you should edit shaders30\Terrain.fx file and change 256 to 1024 in this line near the beginning of the file: const static float fTextureSize = 256; This is needed for terrain bump mapping to work properly with modified budgets. I would have made a JSGME package but I don't remember how. PS: And yes, I'm working on DX11 version of shaders
  10. Jeanba, Their new Digital Warefare engine certainly looks visually amazing. It's too bad OBD couldn't move WOFF UE into that engine. It'll never happen, of course, for both financial and personality reasons...(and probably even technical reasons) but the quality of those visuals matched with the deep SP campaign and historical reverence of WOFF UE and then adding in Multiplayer on top of it...would probably be the perfect trifecta for getting people back into WWI Flight sims. /sigh.
  11. Has anyone heard anymore about updates on Flying Circus? A release date, expected release time frame, changes to aircraft lineup?
  12. Not a complaint, because WOFF UE is already far more comprehensive than I ever could have hoped for, but I do miss the days when the devs were putting out patches and teasing the next new Add-on, Expansion or iteration of WOFF. I know they are hard at work on Wings Over the Reich, which has to be just a ridiculously large project from such a small development team, and that eventually its possible some of the advances for WoTR could make their way back into WOFFUE. I am certainly looking forward to that day! That said, the forums (both here and SimHQ) invariably become quieter after active development stops and many long time posters drift away into other pursuits and sims. I wish there was some way to put WOFF UE back front and center for active development. Coming to the forums used to have the same excitement as Christimas did as a kid. You never knew what new present would be revealed and you couldn't wait to find out. Now, it's mostly just quiet as even the modders have understandably slowed down some. /sigh. I miss the good old days. Some how, even though its unlikely, I hope there comes a way that WOFFs best days are still ahead of it. It's more than just the patches and the features. It was the people on the forum and the shared sense of wonder.
  13. Geezer, Your generosity towards the WOFF community has been exceptional. While this forum isn't very active anymore, I know the folks over at SimHQ are very appreciative of allowing your work to be converted. Thanks again for all that you do.
  14. This forum - while occasionally visited by some very fine people - is not commented upon frequently by the p[layers and I suspect rarely visited anymore by the devs, who are usually at the offical simhq WOFFUE forum. I have often thought that the "ghostown" effect of this forum makes it look like WOFF is dead / abandon-ware.

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