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  1. Optional Cloud Mod 4.0 Update

    I doubt there's anything you can do about it. CFS3 engine issue, but the fog seems to be the most likely to flicker when flying through it. It looks beautiful when not flickering, but when in combat it can be a bit disconcerting.
  2. Optional Cloud Mod 4.0 Update

    I love the new clouds, Buckeye. They are a joy to behold and your artwork is amazing. Thanks for all your efforts on this.
  3. Having some fun in an SE5a campaign. Lots of power and great field of view. Just need to Boom & Zoom rather than turn fight usually. At least until I have them nicely damaged.
  4. Continuing my little reign of terror in the DI.
  5. Started a DI campaign in Jasta 1. Love those early birds!
  6. Well, he flew every mission bravely and never showed fear in the face of the enemy. Right up until the end. 19 missions. Just shy of 30 hours and 1 confirmed kill to his name but rear gunners in an Aviatik took him out. RIP Andrew Ingraham.
  7. Final flight status for this weekend for Flight Sub-Lieutentant Andrew Ingraham (AI). 9 Missions flown in his Nieuport 10C for a total of 12.7 hours and 1 confirmed kill. He's off to a great start!
  8. We've all heard there were parts of the war when some pilots had a lifespan of less than 2 weeks. I decided on a lark to try an experiment and enlist a pilot - Andrew Ingraham - in RNAS 1 on 23 January 1916 and let him fly all of his own missions, from take off, patrols, fighting engagements all the way until landing just to see how long he would last and what kind of a career he would have. He was made a Veteran pilot and you can see the workshop settings in the pic below. After four missions and 4.02 flight hours logged, he bagged his first kill (an Eindecker). He flies while I watch TV, etc. Wish him luck. He's doing his best for King and Country!
  9. Capped off my weekend with this surreal dogfight with the legend himself. I was too late to save the two seater he pounced on and even when I got on the Baron's tail, his wingmen were all over my 6 shooting me full of holes. After a prolonged fight, Manfred walked away from a controlled crash landing and I limped away with a crate that looked like flying swiss cheese.
  10. Long weekend gave me a chance to finally get some flying in.
  11. Then there's this, from the guys who made Verdun. Italian front action.
  12. I second this. That would be wonderful and add a bit more challenge to the experience.
  13. I'm not generally big into FPS but this looks pretty well done.
  14. So I take off for a solo flight and noticed Fe2bs well above me. I don't pay them any mind because....they are Fe2bs. Those guys never attack so I wasn't even recording anything yet. LOL. My bad. In BHaH II they have developed a bit of an attitude.

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