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fitting drop tank f3_ tornado

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i have a question i downloaded a tornado _f3 the fuel tanks it comes with dont work in sfp2. so i used a tank tornado 1500 late it he same color as the f_3 gray.but they show up ok in the drop down menu and they show on the f3 ok except they sit a little below the pylon or attachment point. so my question is is there a way i can get them to sit tight against the pylon so there is no gap. or are there f3 tornado tanks avaiable for it is not can i get the tanks to fit tight on the attachment point or pylon

thsnks for your time

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Look in the (Aircraft ) _Data.ini In the weapons section for the weapon stations that the fuel tanks are on and look for a statement like this:


(not from your aircraft)


[LeftWingStati XXXXX]





AttachmentPosition=-2.371,-1.691,-0.395 <-------The last numbers are the attachment hight negative ( -0.00) is down, -0.200 is higher . Play with it.









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