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Correct flying time

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Correct flying time:

The OFFManager doesn’t always give the correct actual flying time. :blink:

You can manually correct this by editing your Pilot**Log.txt file that are located in your \CFSWW1 Over Flanders Fields\campaigns\CampaignData\Pilots folder

Open Pilot**Log.txt and correct the flying time.

Thanks for the tip RAF_Louvert :drinks:





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Some additional information posted by RAF_Louvert in another thread:


vonOben, I may have neglected to tell you that you must also adjust the time in your "PilotXDossier" file, (with 'X' being the number of your pilot). The 12th line down from the top of the file is your total minutes flying. Change this to reflect your actual total flying minutes from all your missions and you will have it Sir, (I have highlighted the line you need to edit in the example below):






2nd Lieutenant















Be sure to just enter the numbers with no comma when you exceed 999 minutes. Hope this helps you out.


BTW, they call me MR. Anal Retentive, so I for one have noticed this little glitch since my first days of flying OFF. It seems tied to nothing in particular that I can find and just happens about 20% of the time for me. It however detracts from my enjoyment of this wonderful sim in no way what so ever, and I simply make adjustments based on my own "cockpit watch" and move on.


Now then, waiter, about this fly in my soup...


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