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  1. Taube with rifleman

    Wonderful new Taube model, thank you very much Steve! S! vonOben
  2. BE 2c and BE 2e upgraded

    Thanks for the update Steve, much appreciated! Best regards vonOben
  3. .INI Tweaks and Changes

    Hi VonS Those settings depend on which OS you are using IMHO. Since I'm using Windows XP and DirectX 9 I found these settings work best: UseAdvancedShaders=0 ForceDX9=TRUE Best regards vonOben
  4. Hi Steve Very nice new armored cars! Many thanks! Cheers vonOben
  5. Hi Guitarclassic55's Replacement Menu Screens were designed for original First Eagles and gave some problems when used in First Eagles 2. The Campaign screen gave CTD and some text was hard to read. The needed files has been edited and some new has been added to get a more uniform look over all. The ini files has been optimized for screen resolution 1920x1200, and may need some tweaks for other resolutions. Guitarclassic55's Replacement Menu Screens original thread: http://combatace.com/topic/26515-anyone-up-for-new-menu-screens/ Downloads: Guitarclassic55's Replacement Menu Screens NO MOVIE http://combatace.com/files/file/6686-guitarclassic55s-replacement-menu-screens-no-movie/ Guitarclassic55's Replacement Menu Screens WITH MOVIE http://combatace.com/files/file/6685-guitarclassic55s-replacement-menu-screens-with-movie/ Install instructions Install Guitarclassic55's Replacement Menu Screens and then extract the FE2 update on top of it and overwrite the original files. Please Note: My update is for the no movie version, but it should be easy to make the corresponding edits on the movie version also. Credits Guitarclassic55 for the original files. Thirdwire for default First Eagles 2 files. The update is available for download at my First Eagles page on my site: http://vonoben.free.fr/ Best regards vonOben
  6. Calling FE Map Makers

    Really impressive new object Geezer. :good: Many thanks!
  7. Thanks Geezer! Regarding SweetFX: I tested version 1.5.1 which is the last version compatible with Windows XP. I couldn't get it to work with ingame AntiAliasing enabled in FE2. SweetFX AntiAliasing doesn't look as good as in game AntiAliasing, the wires looks worse in far views. SweetFX give some nice effects, but the AA problem makes it not that good for me anyway. So I use the ENB Series now. Attached is my current ENB settings. enbseriesFE2.zip
  8. Hi yubba The bomb sight is a good idea! The information how to add a gun sight is also posted here: http://combatace.com/topic/16272-ini-tweaks-and-changes/?p=723242 Best regards vonOben
  9. Lloyd C.II revised

    Thanks for the update Steve! Much appreciated
  10. Thanks Steve! Good idea to increase the immersion in FE!
  11. Hi VonS Thanks for the info! I found this interesting thread about the gunner: http://combatace.com/topic/51340-two-seaters-why-wont-my-gunners-open-fire/?p=382237 With Peter's FM, a suffix'_GUNNER' is added the rear gun for example: 303CAL_LEWIS_MK2_GUNNER which is a modded weapon with less effective rounds and if you can remove the '_GUNNER' text to get back the stock weapon. Best regards vonOben
  12. Hi again VonS Nice ideas for further improvements, I'm looking forward to them! Have you considered making the two seater gunner more accurate when shooting? In most aircraft they are terrible at hitting and you can attack them without caution , if I remember correctly the only reasonable good shooter is in the Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter. Best regards vonOben
  13. Hi VonS I initially tested with your setting VolumeStructurePoint=2500 but I find the planes much to fragile with this setting so I changed to VolumeStructurePoint=6000 and the wings are not too fragile anymore. Best regards vonOben
  14. Unarmed Farman HF.20

    Thank you very much Steve. It's always a pleasure to use your nice aircraft models in FE!

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