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[Fictional] Mig-28

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[Fictional] Mig-28

[Fictional] Mig-28 (F-5E) WOE 1 Patched 10/08


This Mod Makes the [Fictional] Mig-28 a Separate Aircraft.




First of all you need the "Mirage Factory" F-5E Tiger II










To install -------------------------------------------------------------------------


Install the F-5E (Self Installing).If you Don't have it already installed.


1- UnZip the Mig-28-(F5).zip to a convenient Location.


2- Create a folder named "Mig-28" in your Aircraft folder.


3- Open the F-5E folder and copy everything, (execpt Don't copy all the skin folders,Just the Black Skin) to the Mig-28 folder.


4- Open the Mig-28-(F5) folder, copy everything to the Mig-28 folder,tell it to overwright, Click Yes, Click Yes to the cockpit folder overwright.


Go Fly



Mod Notes --------------------------------------------------------------------

Data and Loadout.ini's Changed to use (In game) Soviet Weapons,drop tank and guns.


Repainted the cockpit in MigGreen.

Recalabrated and retextured most of the cockpit insterments.

Recalabrated the fuel gages to use Soviet drop tanks.

Changed cockpit lettering to Russian (some of the things would not translate so I left them)

Added a simple weapons HUD and radar (uses Avionics70.dll)


Hangar,loading and Loadout.bmp's


Two skins, BareMetal (Brushed Aluminium) and ArticBlue.


Credits ------------------------------------------------------------


F-5E - "Mirage Factory", Original Readmes included. Thanks Guy's


TW - HUD,Radar parts and Game. Thanks TK


Wrench - I used his "F-104S-ASA-M Mod" as a guide for the Mig-28 Avionics. Thanks Wrench


Everything else myself.


Tested only with WOE Patched 10/8 .



This mod is Freeware and not to be sold.


Raven 7/29/10


Have Fun




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