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C-119G Flying Boxcar - Italian Air Force (ONUC Mission)

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C-119G Flying Boxcar - Italian Air Force (ONUC Mission)

Fairchild C-119G Flying Boxcar - Italian Air Force - 46^ AeroBrigata Trasporti (46th Transport Wing)

Sezione/Distaccamento Congo


Operazione Congo (July 11 1960 - June 19 1962)



skin for C-119 by Monty Cz

size: 1024x1024


In the 1953, 40 C-119G were delivered to Italy (MDAP program), and assigned to

46^ Aerobrigata Trasporti (2° and 98° Gruppo). During the mission UNEF (1956, after

Suez Crisis) these airplanes operated for the first time in an UN mission.

Four years later the "Vagoni Volanti" were deployed in Congo, for ONUC mission.

The planes were based at N'Djili airfield (Leopoldville, now Kinshasa), and at Kamina.

Many transport and evacuation mission were accomplished under difficult climatic conditions

and constant threat, from July 1960 to June 1962.


"Operazione Congo" details:


2.177 sorties

9.165 flight hours

9.328.201 lbs of materials transported

8.100 passengers transferred (UN soldiers and civilians)


The price:

21 airmen killed

6 wounded

3 C-119G lost


Please, see the readme for installation instructions, additional notes and other stuff.



Templates: Monty Cz


Thanks to:

Nghengo, Spillone104, Canadair, X-Ray, Steve S, Paulopanz for support.




This skin is release under Freeware Licensing aka Fair User Terms. Simply 3 rules:

1. The work may not be used in payware projects or in projects that will not be freely distributed under these same terms.

2. You must give proper credit in your readme file.

3. If feasible, include the original readme along with your new mod.


For more informations, check this topics: http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?showtopic=26131



Somewhere in North Sardinia, Italy

August 2010


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Great Job Matteo!!!!!!!!


Italy is a strange country that often forget his Heroes.......


Kindu still remain a bloody page of history, so Honour to the heroes of the 46ma Brigata. And thank to MAtteo that help us to do not forget....




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This is what I like about TW games, the chance to connect to history and the people in it.

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