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Looking to ugrade

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Hi guys im looking to upgrade my pc so I can play more of the great mods being released but im not to sue if the SF series is CPU or GPU intesive. My current system is a Intel core 2 quad 2.33 with 3 gb of ram and an Nvidia 9600gt. Im hope someones gonna say ' oh you just need to rip that old graphics card out ' but im not that lucky. So could someone tell me what my best bet is please?

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SF series always used to be CPU limited, but that changed with transition to DX10. If you are using WinXP/DX9 than I would suggest upgrading the CPU only. See if you mainboard supports Core2 Quad q9650 - if you can get one cheap of ebay than you get 3.00 GHz instead of 2.33 plus its a decent overclocker (I get my Q9650 to 4.4 GHz ;) ) plus if your motherboard supports it then you won't have to spend money on new mobo and RAM. If you're using Vista/Win 7/DX10 than things complicate a 'lil. Unfortunately TK forces 4xAA under DX10 which can be an issue with your graphics card if your using 1920x1200 or 1920x1080. I "think" 9600GT should be enough for DX10 & resolution no greater than 1280x1024. For higher resolutions consider upgrading to at least Radeon 5770 or Geforce 460.

These upgrades should let you enjoy some of the BIG mods out there more!

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