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  1. I'm finding not so much as shimmering but the area where parked planes on airbases seems to be a few feet under ground until I'm practically over head and a few feet of the ground like about 50ft. Also a few run ways on desert v4 terrain, the runways look like they're covered in sand until I get airborne then you can see the full length of the strip.
  2. Hi guys I've just re-installed after a long break from this sim and I've noticed that at airfields at distance the revetments and various buildings seem to be flasing or clipping against the terrain. I'm running a merged install with few mods at the moment. Is this an nvidia issue? I'm running windows 8.1 and the latest driver for my gtx760
  3. I kinda remember a few years ago few of the guys where making a Korea war mod but I've made. Quick search an I can't find a complete mod on here or do I have to download the various separate mods and piece it together?. I'm sure there's more to it but I remember looking at some screen shot and thinking it looked amazing.
  4. Wrench you sir are a gentleman and a scholar, thanks!
  5. No I tried that mate, Im testing them in single mission and they dont appear. How did you install them beach?
  6. Hi guys ive got a merged install and im trying to get the A6A and A6B working using A6 superpak 1.51 and Razbams cockpit. Ive copyied all the files to my mod folder for the a6's from the unziped super pack and then added razbams cockpits but when I go into the sim they dont appear in my list of flyable aircraft? what am I doing wrong?
  7. Hey julhelm what plane is that? It looks pretty cool!
  8. Growler Video

    Lol I totally expected to see something different ;)
  9. Ok cheers mate I'll try that next.
  10. I've been trying out firing Bullpup missiles in the campaign but I can't get them to hit anything, I've got the target selected In the red box but the missile goes dumb off the rail, I think in rl they're guided visually and moved to the target with a joystick but I'm not sure how they operate in sf2, can anyone help
  11. Dude I gotta watch that when it comes out! Those navy planes look like a mix of an F/A-18F and a Su35
  12. Damn Could i get in on that please Boostjunky?
  13. Hi guys im looking to upgrade my pc so I can play more of the great mods being released but im not to sue if the SF series is CPU or GPU intesive. My current system is a Intel core 2 quad 2.33 with 3 gb of ram and an Nvidia 9600gt. Im hope someones gonna say ' oh you just need to rip that old graphics card out ' but im not that lucky. So could someone tell me what my best bet is please?
  14. I'd like to add chaff and flares to the defualt harrier gr3 in SF2E but I havn't got a clue on how to do this, is there a tutorial or post that tells me how to do this? if not could somebody please helps me?. Also id like to give the harrier LGB's and anyover weapon that it used to use that is not in NF4+, thanks.
  15. No lol , before like it said in the read me

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