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F-15C interceptor air supremacy missions

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Something to hone up your skills on; two very different weather versions of the same extended intercept and destroy mission:


Fine Weather version (1400 hrs)


Bad weather version (1700 hrs)





2x(2xF-15C) - Central Crimea



Intensive B-1B sortie strikes will be flown this afternoon against Russian military forces presently dominating and re-enforcing in the Eastern half of the Crimea. The political decision has been made to ensure that Russian commanders are left with no option but to withdraw from the immediate area of conflict






Your group will fly the LEAD INTERCEPT against any fighters which rise to contest the airspace over the Eastern Crimea. Expect to be vigorously engaged as the day unfolds. Take off at 1400 hours from GVARDESKOE airbase and tank-up over BAHCHSARAJ and cover the ingress of UK SEAD Tornados tasked with disabling the Buk SAM complex and Tunguska point defences situated at the KIROVSKOE airbase, and also at KERSH airbase. Once the SAM threat is attenuated you are to achieve and maintain forward air supremacy as 6xB-1B ingress to destroy the remaining enemy ground targets and essential airbase infrastructure at KIROVSKOE, then on to KERSH. It is expected to require two sorties and refuel plus rearm to fully complete your mission today



Your aircraft will have 3 x tanks, 6 x AIM-120 and 2 x AIM-9. Your mission is expected to require at least two sorties with refuel and rearm to clear the region of all Russian military aircraft. AWACS will be active throughout but the refueller will be available only at the start of your mission



* Keep your distance and take care to avoid being shot down by the Buk before it is disabled by low-level UK Tornado ALARM strike


* Forward position your flight at high altitude and cover the Tornados as they strike then aggressively engage enemy aircraft as the Tornados finish their initial ALARM strike


* ELINT and SAT imagery reveal that you can expect SU-30 and MiG-29C to vigorously contest the airspace


* There will be several other allied German MiG-29A interceptors in the airspace during your mission, plus F-16C and F/A-18C, so take all care to evaluate the IFF status of all bogies prior to missile engagement


* TANKER SUPPORT is near BAHCHSARAJ to the SSW of your airfield

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Very nice. I only played this one time on the smooth weather version and I liked the complexity of the mission. I was shot down pretty early on, but that's a good thing as all the other missions I've downloaded have been fairly easy. I'm also into the long ass missions like this one. I'll give you a more in depth critique after I've played it a few times. Thanks and please post here when you have more missions. :)

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