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  1. Very nice. I only played this one time on the smooth weather version and I liked the complexity of the mission. I was shot down pretty early on, but that's a good thing as all the other missions I've downloaded have been fairly easy. I'm also into the long ass missions like this one. I'll give you a more in depth critique after I've played it a few times. Thanks and please post here when you have more missions. :)
  2. MIG 29 K

    Are the MIG-29K's in service now? Were they in Lomac time period? I'm asking cause you said this picture is a test flight.
  3. By the way, who wrote those pages? Is that from a Clancy novel and what book was it? Thanks.
  4. This is such a great idea. Alot of missions lately have been lacking in story, but this one is soiled with it, which is awesome. Not to be impatient, but how long do you think this project is going to take? 200 missions?? That's crazy fun!! Good luck with it and keep us updated. :)

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