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Fills my heart with happiness - a lucky wingmen landing

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Some minutes ago, I had again one of these moments OFF happiness - my wingmen had split away from me

when we crossed the last waypoint, but I spotted two Strutter and attacked those on my own (bang goes another claim).


When I had shot them down, I approached our airfield at Bantheville, when I saw them coming in for landing.

Like always, when I see that, my heart beat faster. Pleeeeease, boys, pleeease get it right!!


And they did!! They touched down, rolled to the end of the field, and one craft even taxied round!


Now, Bantheville airfield lies on a plateau. To the west, there are trees, but when we come in from the east,

the plateau just ends there - no trees nor houses. And then they can do it right! What a touching sight!



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