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Avia CS-199 Update Pack

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Avia CS-199 Update Pack

Update Pack for Avia CS-199 by Monty CZ.


What's in:


- removed top canopy frame to be more realistic

- removed gunsight in cockpit & external view

- CockpitSeat offset centred

- fixed CSAF skin numbers.lst

- added correct colour of fueltank

- fixed loadout.ini

- added cs-199 hangar & loading screens

- few other small changes


Also added skin with 3 historical decals numbers (photos inside skin folder)



Put all folders into your mods folder & let overwrite (make backup before).


You need original Avia CS-199 to be installed : http://combatace.com/files/file/11350-avia-cs-199/


"Neither fuselage guns, nor any wing armament was carried by the two-seaters. The only standard feature was the drop tank." WWP - Special Museum 007 - Avia S-199 & CS-199

[but if you want to enable gunpods under wings simply open CS-199_DATA.ini, go to section Left/RightOuterWing and bottom delete ; -marker before SystemName[005]=Right/LeftWingStation.]


Thanks to Monty for this pretty bird & permission to release this mod. And Kesselbrut for pit.


I hope you'll like it.


Freeware licence.


Michal Minta



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