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newbie installing 1946 in a notebook

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I haven't flown IL2 for many years and these days i am setting up my nephews notebook and he has expressed an interest in flight sims, and i thought IL2 is the best there is (to me) for all WWII flight simulation related, plus maybe old enough to run nicely in his notebook.


Its a Fijitsu Amilo Pi1536 :

- C2D T7200 2Ghz

- Radeon Mobility x1400 128mb (512 hypermemory)

- 2Gb 533mhz DDR2 ram

- XP SP3


my questions :


1. what you think or know would be the best settings , in catalysts panel and in game (and conf.ini?) for the best compromise between playablity and eyecandy ?


2. Is there a way to make different in game settings profiles that can launch with different game shortcuts? like a "low quality / high performance" shortcut that would load 1946 with such in-gane settings and another one that could load the game with best graphics settings



i have managed to activate the nice looking water and overall nice looking lighting , lowered everything in the catalysts, left only 2x FSAA on, lowered the in game settings too (left only visibility to high and landcape detail to perfect) and though the fps arent that bad, it suffers from severe hickups / stutters



(3. Is there some Battle of Britain map / mod for 1946 maybe ?)



Thank you

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I think Calais/Normandy is the closest map to that area, don't think I've seen a mod for the UK area itself.


I'm sure the stutters are the video RAM choking on the textures. You're either going to have to lower the landscape detail or turn off the FSAA (which uses more video RAM) I think. I'd try lowering the detail first as I personally find little extra value in perfect over excellent anyway and the game really does need FSAA!

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