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Wingmen Command - at last I got it!

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My god - how long are we flying P3 now? And only now I understood the right use of "Attack" command.

(If this was posted before - excuse me, then I missed it).


I seem to be becoming more and more professional, and less "claim-hungry" recently.

So today I decided to let my five wingmen have the 4 Nieuport 24, and remain high, until I was really needed.

I marked 1 Nieuport and pressed the "Attack" command twice.


And off went two of my wingmen, after the target I had marked.


Then I marked another, and pressed "Attack" again twice. And the next two wingmen went after that target.

With me remained my personal wingman. I think, if I had pressed "Attack" once more, he would perhaps have also gone. Not sure.

This way, two of the Nupes were busy, getting chased, while I shot down a third.

The other was shreddered by Ritter von Schleich's 1. Kette quickly.


The whole fight was very short, and I felt quite "professional".

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